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Cool People for the Week of 6/1-6/8 2008

June 1, 2008

FRIENDS OF AARON DELUCA, who ate a final meal before he was shipped off to Alaska for a one-year tour of duty with the U.S. Coast Guard.


Bill Hibbell, Lillian Roberts and Robin Urcinole.

Ed and Melissa Nelson.

Father Richard from Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church.

John Camera and Fran White.

Maria Maruca, Beth McGuckin, and Helen Stewart.

Councilwoman Joyce Camera and Diane Stabley.

Ramon Cruz.

Samantha Samarelli and Giovanni from Giovanni’s Trattoria.

Aaron Deluca now in Alaska…

June 1, 2008

Aaron Deluca is now in Alaska, stationed at St. Paul’s Island LORAN Station with the United States Coast Guard.

Aaron Deluca now in Alaska: Aaron Deluca is now in Alaska, stationed at St. Paul’s Island LORAN Station with the United States Coast Guard as of May 28, 2008. Aaron left for his new assignment just one week after his 27th birthday. Aaron will remain at this post until May 2009. According to Saint Paul Island is one of the five Pribilof Islands, a group of four volcanic islands, part of Alaska, lying in the Bering Sea. The City of St. Paul is the only residential area on the island. The two nearest islands to Saint Paul Island are Otter Island to the southwest, and Walrus Island to the east. St. Paul Island has a land area of 104 kmĀ² (40 sq mi). St. Paul Island currently has one school (K-12, 100 students), one post office, one bar, one small store, and one church (Russian Orthodox). Aaron is communicating with us via email. He says he has safely arrived and will be forwarding pictures soon.

Aaron will remain on the rolls of Station 44 while he is on active military duty in Alaska.

Seaside Heights Borough-Wide Yard Sale Saturday June 7th…

June 1, 2008

The Seaside Italian American Club is seen in preparation for the Borough-wide Garage/Yard Sale, Saturday June 7th.

Seaside Heights Borough-Wide Yard Sale Saturday June 7th: The popular Borough-wide Garage and Yard Sale will return to Seaside Heights Saturday June 7th. Residents have until Friday June 6th to get onto the official map, which all participants will be getting copies of on sale day. The sale is the same day as those in both Pelican Island and Lavallette, with the hopes of all towns being able to piggyback on each other’s customers. For instance, Seaside Heights has advertised its sale on both the barrier island and the mainland on the Cablevision and Comcast Weather Channel crawls, and has mentioned the neighboring town’s sales as well. The hope is to get as many bargain-hunters as possible to the island on this day. All that is needed is good weather, and the tentative forecast is calling for it on this day. Participants may register until Friday June 6th at 4 p.m. at the Seaside Heights Borough Hall and get more information by calling 732-793-9100.

Seaside Heights could get WeatherBug camera…

June 1, 2008

Seaside Heights may soon be the home to a “WeatherBug” camera.

Seaside Heights could get WeatherBug camera: Computer users may be familiar with “WeatherBug”, a tiny desktop icon that displays local weather conditions. Now WeatherBug may be adding a camera right on the beachfront in Seaside Heights. WeatherBug officials recently were in contact with the Borough in regards to placing the camera at the Kearney Avenue Lifeguard Headquarters, which has been used as the backdrop for the MTV Beach House in 2002, and more recently for location shots for the popular soap opera “One Life To Live”, which aired local footage in early May. The Borough must provide an internet connection and electricity for the WeatherBug camera, which will display an online photograph of the beach every minute or so. This camera will not record weather conditions, but merely give a shot of the beach and amusements. The National Weather Service already operates a monitoring station off of the Webster Avenue Lifeguard Building, and that information is displayed on the Weather Channel’s Local on The 8’s and

Seaside Heights “Thankful to be under a Tank-full”…

June 1, 2008

This sign on Lucky Leo’s at Hamilton and the Boardwalk shows the reality of gas prices these days.

Seaside Heights “Thankful to be under a Tank-full”: With $4.00 per gallon gas prices now a reality, the Jersey Shore tourism marketplace is anxious to see how fuel prices will affect the bottom line. Luckily, Ocean County beaches are less than a tank full of gasoline from New York and Philadelphia. Given that a trip to the shore is within easy economic reach of just about everyone, Seaside Heights businesses are making no secret that they are “thankful to be under a tank full.” Heavy Memorial Day crowds are a sign that the surge in gasoline prices is not keeping tourists away, but may even lead to more tourists who can no longer afford trips to places further away. Seaside Heights feels it is an exceptionally good bargain, with children under 12 always permitted on the beach for free, and free beach days for everyone Wednesday and Thursday, courtesy of Coca-Cola.