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Cool People for the Week of 4/13-4/19 2008

April 13, 2008

BIRTHDAY GIRL, Miss Ashlee Stanulis(center), celebrating with big sis Kim Samarelli, friend Christine, and…

Adam Emmoms and James Samarelli

Greg Mesanko, former owner of Grog’s Surf Palace.

Miss Jessica Paola says hi to mom Doreen, loyal reader.

Jenna from Hemingway’s, with dogs Butch & Susie.

Bill Rumbolo.

SHPD Patrolman Jamie Hans.

John & Joyce Camera, and Diane Stabley.

Sheriff Polhemus turns 80!

April 13, 2008

Ocean County Sheriff William Polhemus and wife Agnes are seen with Vinnie Craparotta, manager of Hemingway’s, where 150 guests came to celebrate the Sheriff’s 80th birthday.

Sheriff Polhemus, now 80, and wife Agnes are shown with members of their family, including the amazing four generations of family members with the name William Polhemus: father, son, grandson, and now great-grandson.

Sheriff Polhemus turns 80!: Ocean County Sheriff William Polhemus has reached his 80th birthday. To celebrate the milestone event, a party with about 150 guests was held at Hemingway’s Cafe. Although a Nor’Easter was blowing hard on the evening of April 6th, guests came from as far as Florida to celebrate the Sheriff’s birthday. Friends and family gathered around the law enforcement legend, who retired as the Chief of the Seaside Heights Police Department, only to be elected to the position of Sheriff many times since 1985. The Sheriff is very popular, and is often one of the largest vote-getters in Ocean County. Aside from a long professional legacy, The Sheriff and wife Agnes have a long personal legacy as parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents. The Sheriff is proud of the fact that with the recent birth of a great-grandson, there are now four generations with the name William Polhemus.

CLICK TO ENLARGE THE INDIVIDUAL PHOTOS BELOW, a gallery from Sheriff Polhemus’ 80th birthday bash!

Station 44 averts structure fire at Sea Gem Motel…

April 13, 2008

THE SEA GEM MOTEL & MAYER’S MANOR ROOMING HOUSE, the site of the April 12th averted structure fire.

This fence had to be physically torn down to access the alleyway where the fire was reported.

VARIOUS LITTER AND DEBRIS were the fuel for the fire, speculated to have been caused possibly by a cigarette flicked out of a nearby window.

SHFD’s Matt Semeraro shows readers how the fire melted the siding and began burning upwards. The fire also burned through all the way to the plywood sheathing of the Sea Gem.

Station 44 averts structure fire at Sea Gem Motel: It appears as if a structure fire was narrowly avoided the morning of Saturday April 12, 2008. Station 44, The Seaside Heights Volunteer Fire Department responded to a call of a small fire between the addresses of 55 and 57 Dupont Avenue. These buildings are the Sea Gem Motel and the Mayer’s Manor Rooming House. It is speculated that perhaps a carelessly tossed cigarette could be to blame for a the fire that started in a pile a strewn debris in a fenced-off alley between the two multiple dwelling properties. SHFD Chief James Samarelli was in command of the scene, assisted by both 1st Asst. Chief William Rumbolo and Battalion Chief Lou Urcinole. Chief Rumbolo had to break down a portion of wooden fence that separated the Mayer’s Manor/Sea Gem alleyway from the public sidewalk. The area of damage was to the exterior wall of the Sea Gem, which experienced melted siding, with burn through to the plywood sheathing of the building, which was scorched, but not ignited. It is obvious that the fire was put out just before it began it quickly spread up the building’s side and caused a serious structure fire. SHFD personnel which included nozzleman Greg Kohr, Matt Semeraro, Ann Phillips, Randy Cabral, and Jessica Paola sprayed water on the melted siding, to be sure any fire was completely extinguished. This is the second small fire the SHFD has fought since switching to the new high-band paging system dispatched at the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department Communications Center. On Friday April 11th, an electrical fire was extinguished inside the paint ball stand located between Blaine and Grant Avenues on the Boardwalk.


Station 44 moves to high-band UHF pagers…

April 13, 2008

From now forward all calls to the SHFD will be on these UHF high-band pagers.

James Deligny(left) and Rob Frandsen from the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department Communications speak to the membership of Station 44, The Seaside Heights Volunteer Fire Department regarding proper usage of their new UHF pagers and radios.

The SHFD is seen listening to a presentation about their new radios and pagers from the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department.

SHFD Lt. Lou Nardone issued all the pagers and radios. Here, he is shown issuing one to Captain Pat Canavan.

Station 44 moves to high-band UHF pagers: After 94 years of local dispatch, Station 44, The Seaside Heights Volunteer Fire Department has moved to Ocean County Communications for dispatch and fire ground radio services. The dispatch process used to be done through the Radio Room of the Seaside Heights Police Department, on the old low band. Additionally, SHPD would monitor the fire ground radios, speaking directly with the trucks and commanding officers during the entire scene. Now this is done through the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department. Ocean County communication personnel are dedicated only to the firefighters, whereas Seaside Heights communications were shared between fire and police. Now that the county has taken over fire, the police dispatchers are relieved of those duties, and can better concentrate on the SHPD. To prepare for the new communication devices and related new protocols, a presentation was made by James Deligny and Rob Frandsen from the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department Communications Center on Tuesday April 8th. The change took effect officially at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday April 9th when a pager test alerted Station 44 members that the equipment was operational.

Ocean County Communications Van in Seaside Heights…

April 13, 2008

The Ocean County Communications Van was in Seaside Heights last week while the Police Department’s Communications Radio Room was undergoing some cosmetic changes.

Ocean County Communications Van in Seaside Heights: The Ocean County Communications van made its appearance in Seaside Heights last week. While the Police Department’s Radio Room was undergoing some cosmetic changes, the van provided a temporary post for the SHPD Public Safety Telecommunicators during their shifts. Ocean County has long had an emergency communications van, and this latest model is about two years old, and was obtained through grants. The van has the ability to link up to local frequencies and telephone services, enabling remote set-up in the event of an emergency. By the end of the work week, the repairs on the Radio Room were completed, and the van went back to its headquarters, to be called to duty when needed, which is usually during a high-profile events involving multiple agencies or disasters.

Adam Grant (left) and Brian Stasik from the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department are seen in the communications van.