Did Pete’s request bring back the original Tina to ‘One Life To Live’?

Andrea Evans is seen in her mid-80’s heyday as character Tina Lord. The notorious soap opera character will return to One Life To Live at the same time the scenes that are currently being filmed in Seaside Heights will air.

Loyal readers know that the ABC daytime drama One Life To Live will be filming in Seaside Heights April 16th-18th. Readers might also know that as part of my job duties in Seaside Heights include dealing directly with the OLTL staff, including Executive Producer Frank Valentini. When Mr. Valentini was in town last month, I had the opportunity to speak with him. I told him how I had once been a most avid follower of the show, but really hadn’t watched, until recently, since about 1990. I asked him when he began working on the show. He said 1985, when he worked as a stage manager. This time coincided with the high-water mark of some of my favorite nostalgic OLTL storylines. Nearly all of these included my favorite character: over-the-top, yet lovable, sexy villianess Tina Lord, played to perfection by actress Andrea Evans. I explained that my departure as a faithful viewer came with the sudden exit of Ms. Evans, with another actress in the role one day. I emphatically suggested to the Executive Producer that the show should bring back the original Tina immediately. Sure enough, a few weeks later, it was announced in the press that Andrea Evans would be returning to One Life To Live, resuming the role of Tina. Although I’d like to think that it must have been my suggestion, it appears that the return of Ms. Evans has been in the works for some a while. Apparently, Mr. Valentini hears requests for the return of Andrea Evans all the time, and I’m one of thousands. It is interesting however that two of the characters that are the focus of the scenes that are being filmed in Seaside Heights are Todd Manning and daughter Starr. On the OLTL family tree, Todd is the younger full brother of Tina, both born to Irene Manning and Victor Lord, the long dead patriarch of the show, and also father of OLTL main character Victoria Lord. This makes Tina the aunt of Starr, and also now the great-aunt to the baby 16-year old Starr is expecting. The character of Starr was recently revealed to have lost her virginity to boyfriend Cole, and has found herself pregnant and weighing her options in the show’s current envelope-pushing storyline, playing out soon on location in Seaside Heights. Tina’s return is slated for May or early June 2008, which also coincides to approximately when the two weeks worth of scenes that are being filmed in Seaside Heights are scheduled to air

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