popartpete.com March 14, 2010 edition…


CAN YOU GUESS which student is Pete in this 1977 Hugh J. Boyd, Jr. Elementary School photo, which also includes Shannon (Omert) Asch, Alicia (Horowitz) Marino, and Lt. Jon Lombardi of the Seaside Heights Police Department, among many others???


PETE RECENTLY TOURED THE WORLD-RENOWNED Jersey Shore house, the shooting location of the runaway MTV reality hit…

TOUR HOST, Michael Loundy, who has been bombarded with requests to tour the huge house, which goes from upwards of $2,900 a night to rent.

AS SEEN ON T.V., a piece of Pete’s art. This very vinyl depiction of Seaside Heights was redesigned by Pete a few years back, and he gave Mike Loundy this extra copy, which found its way onto television screens world-wide.

If you rent the house, you can talk the duck phone, as used by Snooki and the others in many episodes.

You can even do your business in the same restroom used by the group.


ABOUT ONE MILLION DOLLARS was raised in the 2010 Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics, Saturday March 6th.

Among the many plungers, Keith Skeba, in attendance at room 302 of the Aztec, site of the annual Moore Brothers Polar Bear Plunge Party.

Also seen at the Plunge, Mike and Peggy Caputo. Mike, a Seaside Heights native, was recently named Chief of the Tuckerton Police Department.

Now Seaside Heights boasts three Ocean County Chiefs of Police from its natives: Tommy Boyd (Seaside Heights), Mike Caputo (Tuckerton) and Reece Fisher (Ocean Gate).

Rooting for the Boyd Dolphins….

Cheerleaders from the Boyd Dolphins are seen at the final match of the year against Seaside Park Elementary School.

CLOSE GAME, as seen by our beautiful gymnasium scoreboard.

Happy March Birthdays…

Alicia (Horowitz) Marino had her big day on March 3rd.

SWEPT AWAY, Kimberle Rolle Samarelli was ushered to a surprise trip to Costa Rica by her husband Sam for her big day, March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, because, LORDY, LORDY, KIM IS FORTY!!!

WHAT PETE & GAIL would choose for Snooki…..

BASIC BLACK is the color of choice for Gail Hershey, owner of BLACKOUT, debuting in Seaside Heights for the Summer of 2010. Gail was seen shoe shopping in a swanky shoe store in the Borgata.

IF WE’D HAVE BEEN SHOPPING FOR JERSEY SHORE‘S SNOOKI, we would have chose these little numbers…


Top Row, From Left:  2nd, Michael DiChaira, 3rd Greg Ratz, 4th, Andrew Perry, 6th, Greg Chadwick, 7th, Alicia (Horowitz) Marino

Middle Row, From Left: 1st, Peter Smith, 2nd, Chris Stout, 4th, Chris Larsen, 5th, Scott Cole, 6th, Jon Lombardi

Last Row, From Left: 1st, Andrea Barile, 2nd,  Shannon (Omert) Asch, 4th, Erika Beattie, 5th, Jennifer Corbo.

Floor, From Left: Nick Gigiliotti, John Sodl

“Officer, I am an outpatient from the hospital, and I am very prone to anxiety attacks. So please treat me with therapeutic courtesy….” -Peggy Gravel, murderess

Pete will be in Florida until past Easter, and in the meantime, he asks you to watch the eight parts of one of his favorite films, Desperate Living by John Waters…. (NOTE…Part Two was removed by youtube, but to cut the chase, Peggy and Grizelda kill Peggy’s husband)…

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