popartpete.com Sunday September 19, 2010….

Our top ranking video this week:
The topping-out of the steel for the new, unnamed Seaside Heights pool club, which at 70 feet, is the tallest building in the history of Seaside Heights!!!

This video doesn’t exist

Cool People of the week:

BFF’s: Jack-Buster Smith and Mademoiselle Claudia


Mademoiselle Claudia is a MILLION DOLLAR BABY!!!


CLAUDIA is extremely popular, with a visit to Ebbie King.


And a visit to Vinnie Craparotta of Hemingway’s was also in order for Claudia.


Sister Maryanne and Miss Chelsea.


Maryanne was in town to visit brother Dave, at the Webster Avenue Information Booth.



NO, BETTY DID NOT SNATCH THAT BABY! That’s brother Dave and our mother, in the 1950’s.



Seaside Heights Patrolman Rich Sasso.


Willie The Clown, the first clown that Pete met during Clownfest.


Chuck from “Vita” gym, Blaine Avenue & The Boulevard.


PETE AND MADEMOISELLE CLAUDIA, were visited by friends Lora Parlapiano and Lisa Kovacs. Lisa has been Pete’s piano teacher since October 2009.

 Seaside Heights BABY BOOM!!!


A BABY BUMP for Lauren Dionisio, expecting a baby boy December 2010.


Pete’s college BFF, Mrs. Heather Clark Lonero, Queen of Wolcott, Connecticut, is expecting also in December 2010.


BREE PELYAK, daughter of Teddy and Kathy, and little sister to Pete’s friends John & Josh Praznic, is expecting in late October!


Bree is due the earliest of the group, but has the tiniest belly imaginable!!!


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BABIES FOLLOW PETE: Miss Chelsea is due for a baby boy in late November 2010

Clownfest 2010:

Jersey Shore: Here and now gone! 


Pete’s Jersey Shore scorecard:
1. Was filmed inside Shore Store buying the very first shirt that said, “The Holiday” in honor of new cast member Deena…. 

Pete was the very first person to buy a shirt from Deena, a.k.a. The Holiday.


2. Got filmed in Karma, speaking to Ronnie and Sammi Sweetheart. While there, met Snooki & J-Woww.  Saw ‘The Situation’ and Pauly D, but didn’t exactly meet them properly. 

3. Got to film Snooki being released from the Seaside Heights Police Station after her arrest.  Afterwards, got to escort a New York Daily News reporter around for a few hours.  My name appeared in the article, which was pretty cool, but it was a misquote!  Oh well, today’s newpaper equals tomorrow’s cat litter liner! 

4.  One day got some random shots of the some of the cast going onto the skyride: 



“IT WAS ENOUGH FOR ME!!”, says Pete.

A visit to Le Petit Garage…

The initiative to plant shade trees in Seaside Heights: Five Years On!


Distant Cousins???

Is Jack-Buster Smith a relation to…

Laika, the Soviet Space Dog????

POOR LAIKA! After being launched aboard Sputnik 2 in 1957, she was said to have lived four days before dying of either overheating, lack of oxygen, or a poison dose of food!

 The next issue of the popartpete.com SEASIDE HEIGHTS NEWS MAGAZINE is scheduled to launch Sunday October 2nd!!!!

4 Responses to “popartpete.com Sunday September 19, 2010….”

  1. Carolynne Van Houten Says:

    Hi Pete! I don’t know if you remember me but I used to be a reporter with the Observer—a newspaper that really should have been used as “tomorrow’s cat litter liner”! Anyway, it’s been a very difficult year for me: My sister, Mary, died last April of breast cancer and it’s been very tough on all of the family. But one of the bright spots has been your reporting from Seaside Heights. You are such a special person and a bright light in so many lives. Keep up the good work! And your “puppies” are adorable. Hope all is well with you. – Carolynne

  2. Eileen Carew Says:

    Hi Pete,
    I love Claudia!
    Have a great week.

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