popartpete.com June 5, 2010 edition


Why was this satellite news antenna hoisted to the sky?

: At a welcoming back party at Spicy, 500 Boardwalk, Jim Bianco, Head of Productions at 495 Productions, the team that films MTV’s Jersey Shore, is seen surrounded by Michael Loundy of Seaside Realty (left), who has served as a main contact between 495 and Seaside Heights, and Arthur Fierro (right), President of the Seaside Heights Property Owner’s Association. The welcoming party received wide press attention, on an international level.

This drink coaster displays a logo designed by Michael Loundy.

Wayne Cimorelli, owner of Spicy, is shown with one of three t-shirt designs that will be sold along the boardwalk in Seaside Heights this summer.

William C. “Murph” White, President of the Seaside Heights Business Improvement District, is seen with wife Fran, enjoying the dessert at the MTV Welcome Back Party.

The packed bar at Spicy, seen during the MTV Welcome Back Party.


Jim Smith…

Joe Loundy and Mike Brown…

Carmine DiRosa Jr. & III, as well as John Camera….

JOHN POSES WITH BEAUTIES..Iryna Cimorelli, Fran White and Peg Loundy…

GREAT SHOT of John Saddy from the Bamboo Bar/Karma and Cara Cangelosi…

PARKING MAGNATE AND popartpete.com Financier Harry Smith…

Vinnie Scuzese….

Keith Stec of the Cranberry Inlet Motel…

Kevin Stewart, Maria Maruca, Kelly Whalen and Helen Stewart…

Peg Loundy and Lisa Barna.


Smitty’s Lot…

Harry Smith is seen with workers Draven and Howell at the lot on Memorial Day Weekend.

Joey and Steven from the lot are also seen in this photo.


2010 Seaside Heights Events

These signs announce the upcoming events for Seaside Heights in 2010…

The Seafood Festival will be held September 12th…

Que-By-The-Sea will return in ’10.

SEPTEMBER STAPLE, Clownfest will greet Seaside Heights again this year.

NEW IN ’10: A Halfway To St. Patrick’s Day event, September 11th.


OPEN!  Blackout on The Boardwalk is now a reality.

For about a year, Blackout was the vision of Gail Hershey, who now owns a second shop. (Her first, Beach Nut, is located in Belmar).

Blackout features items either totally black, or a combination of black and another color.

Not only did Gail envision the shop, she built it BY HAND!

A true boutique of black…

Gail designed this very mannequin display.

Menswear is also available.

One side of the shop is a beach shop, open during beach hours.

Jersey Shore dominates Seaside Heights on Memorial Day Weekend 2010…

PETE’S MOTTO FOR MEMORIAL DAY 2010,  a phrase made famous by the international hit on MTV.

The Jersey Shore name, although ours first, is being used at nearly all boardwalk locations in 2010.

PROUD: Mike Loundy, who brought Jersey Shore to Seaside Heights is seen here with wife Peg at Hemingway’s.

ALSO PROUD: Carmine DiRosa III, who tends bar at Luna Rosa/Karma, a Jersey Shore night spot.

NOT A BUMPIT: Carly, a Memorial Day Weekend 2010 visitor styles her hair like Snooki, but it’s all her own!

Happy Birthday Bryce…

Pete’s nephew Bryce, one of his sister’s large crew of adopted, multicultural children, turned 8 on May 18th.

HALFWAY TO LILY’S birthday, almost.  Niece Lily, seen here on the dock in Island Heights, will be 6 in December.


Random Shots….

RISING WATERS: made famous by ABC Daytime in 2008, when featured on its One Life To Live.

The Patterson family of Kearney Avenue.

Mike Martin from the Pearl Restaurant is seen on opening weekend, Memorial Day 2010.

The Pearl is located at the White Pearl Hotel, Sumner & Central Avenues.

Kevin Stewart is seen at JR’s.

Timmy Yannacone is seen at JR’s.

Jen Hart is seen tending bar at Hemingway’s

REST IN PEACE, Danny Aiello, III

IT IS WITH SHOCK AND SADNESS that we announce that Danny Aiello, III, who appeared on popartpete.com for our “One Life To Live Films in Seaside Heights April 2008” video, has passed away at age 53 from the dreaded and mysterious pancreatic cancer.  Danny also filmed in Ocean County in 1981, on the set of Amityville II: The Possession.

IN TRIBUTE TO DANNY AIELLO III, we will re-run the film in which he appears…


OUR NEXT ISSUE OF THE popartpete.com Seaside Heights News Magazine SHOULD BE PUBLISHED around June 20th, depending on factors both in and out of our control!!!

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