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Cool People for the Week of October 7th-13th, 2007…

October 7, 2007

Seaside Heights Councilwomen Joann Duszczak and Agnes Polhemus.

Councilman Rich Tompkins and wife Carmela.

Councilwoman Joyce Camera.

Mayor Ken Hershey, who recently officiated at the wedding of John & Phyllis Camera.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ‘KING’ WALLY LaCicero, Mayor of Lavallette, seen with wife Joanne. Wally’s big day was September 25th.

Seaside Heights Detectives Steve Korman and Joe Engrassia, who recently paraded notorious alleged criminal Daniel Twomey past the media for a “perp walk”

Caitlin Denzler.

Alma & Tina Camera.

Adam Salamon, fitness trainer to the stars, , who helps train Pete at Anytime Fitness.

Pete also trains with Anytime Fitness legend Gabriela.

16th Annual Columbus Parade Day…

October 7, 2007


Christopher Columbus, age 556, was seen at the 16th Annual Columbus Day Parade.

Parade Chairman Mike Blandina is seen on the route.

Columbus Parade Committee member Umberto Esposito is seen at the accompanying Italian Festival.

Seaside Heights Councilwomen Joann Duszczak and Joyce Camera walked the route with Lavallette Councilwomen Anita Zalom and Joanne Filippone.

Maria Maruca was the announcer for the 16th annual Ocean County Columbus Day Parade.

Harry Smith was seen in the T & T Coast Yukon Denali.

Harry Smith is seen again in a T & T Coast Buick G6 convertible, escorting Amy Polumbo, Miss New Jersey 2007.

Seaside Heights first graders meet the Mayor!

October 7, 2007

Mayor Hershey is seen with Borough Administrator John Camera, Borough Clerk Diane Stabley, and some of the members of the Hugh J. Boyd Jr. Elementary School Early Childhood Education staff. The Mayor met with the first graders on Wednesday October 3rd as part of their unit on government.

It was a very exciting day for Seaside Heights first graders on Wednesday October 3rd. This day, the classes of Mrs. Lori Beers and Mrs. Jean Gillon came to Borough Hall to meet Mayor Ken Hershey. Also present was floating Early Childhood Education teacher Mrs. Miriam Schneider, and also paraprofessional, Mrs. Dot Montgomery. The students took a walk to Borough Hall to speak to the Mayor as part of their social studies curriculum, which includes a unit about government. The children asked the Mayor many probing questions, including whether or not he liked being the Mayor. Mr. Hershey said that he likes it most times, but occasionally he encounters unhappy people who like to yell at him. In his usual tradition, the mayor gave all the students a giant Hershey bar, his longtime calling card.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Pete…

October 7, 2007

Pete is seen with the Halloween lawn display he ordered for the Fall of 2007.

Recently, Halloween decorations were placed on the lawn at the Borough Hall in Seaside Heights. The creations were made by local artist Al Poane, and are in the theme of “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.” The display was ordered by the Seaside Heights Director of Public Relations, who readers know is yours truly, Pete Smith. Additionally, all the windows of the Borough Hall have been decked-out with special, spooky orange lights that should not be missed. In all, 300 C-7 lights were used in the windows of the Borough Hall. It should be noted that the Borough cleared out the entire remaining stock of orange lights from the manufacturer, Display Sales of Bloomington, Minnesota.

I GOT A ROCK! A scene from the Peanuts classic, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown is depicted on the lawn of the Seaside Heights Borough Hall.

Mayor Hershey announces Halloween Decorating Contest

October 7, 2007

kenhershey.jpg hershey.jpg

Seaside Heights Mayor Ken Hershey will be sponsoring a borough-wide Halloween decorating contest with some delicious and apropos prizes: giant Hershey bars.

Anyone who knows Seaside Heights Mayor Ken Hershey probably knows that the Borough CEO is a big advocate of holiday decorations. During the past few years, the Mayor has mandated more lights around the Borough buildings at Christmas, and he has recently ordered the same at Halloween. Inspired by the creative displays he has seen in past weeks, Mayor Hershey has announced that he will be sponsoring and judging himself a borough-wide Halloween decorating contest. The judging will be held October 30th, and the prizes will be awarded on Halloween night. Appropriately, the Mayor will be providing the following prizes: 1st prize: 20 giant Hershey bars, 2nd prize: 10 giant Hershey bars, 3rd prize: 5 giant Hershey bars.