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Cool People for Week of August 12th-18th….

August 12, 2007

Eric Mills, Jr.???

August 12, 2007

Pete’s original Production Assistant Eric Mills is shown with longtime ladyfriend Shannon, who is expecting a baby January 2008.

Recently Eric Mills of Seaside Heights was in the crowd one of the Free Movies on the Beach. Our cameras caught up with Eric and his longtime lady friend Shannon. Eric is proud to announce that Shannon is expecting their baby in January 2008. Eric is number 2 out of the 5 children of Kevin and Cheryl Mills of Webster Avenue. In 2003, Eric worked as a cameraman for If fact, Eric was the cameraman for the footage filmed for Pete’s Haunted Castle Fire documentary, which went on to win a prize in a film festival, and is now heavily viewed daily on the popular website Congrats Eric and Shannon.

Upgraded Computer Lab for the Hugh J. Boyd School…

August 12, 2007

One of the new Dell Computers in the technology lab of the Hugh J. Boyd Jr. Elementary School

One thing that consumers can depend on is the rapid change of pace in the world of technology. These days, computers more than a few years old are antiquated, and any older than that are considered dinosaurs. Such was the case with the former computer lab of the Hugh J. Boyd Jr. Elementary School. Although the school had a beautiful technology area, its computers were woefully out-of-date. So beginning September 2007, the students of the Boyd school will be learning on a whole new set of new computers in its technology lab. The new computers are from Dell, have flat screen monitors , and are multimedia functioning. Now the students can take advantage of much newer software and applications that were incompatable with the old set of antiquated computers.

Hurricane Helen, “Hippie” no more…

August 12, 2007

img_6802.jpg hippie-girl.gif
HIPPIE NO MORE ‘Hurricane Helen’ Piccolo is seen with her new armoire, one of her new post-Hurricane Wilma purchases. Helen says that now that she is settled, she no longer feels like a nomadic “hippie”.

Loyal readers certainly know “Hurricane Helen” Piccolo, who was made homeless in October 2005 when Hurricane Wilma destroyed her then-Florida home with her inside. After the hurricane, Helen took her dog and pocketbook and headed straight to her hometown of Seaside Heights, leaving all possessions behind and starting over from scratch. Since then, Helen has lived in a number of rented places, liking none of them until she found a suitable place on Grant Avenue. Now that Helen has been settled for six months in one place, she has decided to make some purchases to replace things destroyed by Wilma. Helen has recently purchased: a dining room table, an armoire, two chest of drawers, and a new air conditioner. Now Helen has plans to lay some new carpet in her place, and purchase two new end tables. Helen says she is glad she is settled now, not living like a “hippie”, as she says.

Meet Anthony and Katie…

August 12, 2007

Anthony Girgis of Seaside Heights is seen with new girlfriend Katie.

Recently, our cameras met up with Anthony Girgis from Seaside Heights. For those of you who don’t know Anthony, he is a member of Station 44, The Seaside Heights Volunteer Fire Department, and also works the door, checking identification at the door of Captain Hook’s at Kearney Avenue & The Boulevard. Anthony is also extremely smart in business, and is always in attendance at the annual Seaside Heights tax lien sale, bidding on various properties. Now Anthony wants you to meet his new girlfriend Katie. The couple have been together for a few months.