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Cool People attend “Lungs For Life” Benefit for SHPD Captain Dave Szalkowski…

May 4, 2008

A PACKED ROOM for SHPD Captain Dave Szalkowski (with son Leo) who is being treated for Scleroderma and must undergoe a double lung transplant. A benefit was held on May 2, 2008 at the Beachcomber Bar in Seaside Heights to help the Szalkowski family with associated costs not covered by insurance.

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One Life to Live scenes filmed in Seaside Heights airing May 2nd-15th…

May 4, 2008

One Life To Live’s Starr and Cole are the central characters in the storylines filmed in Seaside Heights in April. In the story, Starr is pregnant and she and Cole have runaway to a far-away love nest to escape the wrath of Starr’s evil father, Todd. The Kearney Avenue Tourist Information Center/Lifeguard Headquarters served as a front for the building in which Starr and Cole are staying, but the actual interior shots were filmed on the OLTL soundstage in New York. The Kearney Avenue building is already among the most photographed buildings in Seaside Heights, having served as the MTV beach house in 2002. The scenes filmed on location in Seaside Heights are airing from May 2nd-15th on ABC Daytime at 2 p.m.

Starr and Cole did not runaway to Seaside Heights in the story, but rather to Virginia Beach.

FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION?? Actress Kristen Alderson (Starr) has been giving an Emmy-worthy performance in a recent envelope-pushing teen pregnancy storyline on One Life To Live.

Kristen Alderson and Brandon Buddy are seen filming shots on the Casino Pier in Seaside Heights.

Kristen Alderson and Brandon Buddy seen outside of Lucky’s Arcade between takes.

TODD AND BLAIR, played by Actors Trevor St. John and Kassie DePaiva are seen filming a scene from One Life to Live in Seaside Heights.

BethAnn Bonner, who plays tough-yet-sexy cop Talia and Michael Easton, who plays John McBain, seen filming scenes from One Life to Live on the Kearney Avenue Bay Dock in Seaside Heights. This is an extremely pivotal scene in a big current OLTL plot line. It is revealed on the dock that the Talia-John romance and the John-Antonio feud are both a sham, and that Talia and Antonio are actually a hot couple.

One Life To Live
stuntman and actor Danny Aiello III returned to Ocean County for the second time. Danny had been an actor on the set of Amityville II: The Possession, filmed in 1981 in Toms River. Danny played the repairman who entered the notorious “red room”.

ALL SHE WANTED TO TRY WERE FRIED OREOS! Kristen Alderson (Starr Manning) was told by OLTL producer John Tumino and Director Larry Carpenter that Fried Oreos are among the best taste treats in Seaside Heights. Kristen eagerly sampled the local delicacy, but Brandon Buddy (Cole Thornhart) passed.

“MONDO”-SIZED JAWBREAKERS were on the request list for Kassie DePaiva. Kassie eyed them while filming on the first night, and came back the final day to get them. Although the store was closed, Casino Pier food manager Jack, and Doug Woodfield from Playday Amusements saw that the candy stand opened especially for the longtime One Life to Live star.

KASSIE DePAIVA HAS ARRIVED IN SEASIDE HEIGHTS! Although she has played the popular character Blair Cramer Manning on One Life to Live since 1993, Kassie DePaiva really hadn’t “arrived” until she was seen with Jack-Buster Smith, the most photographed Jack Russell Terrier in Seaside Heights.

See newly sworn-in Seaside Heights School Board members…

May 4, 2008

Harry Smith (left) is in his first term as a member of the Seaside Heights Board of Education, and Frances T. Little is in her third term. Harry & Fran’s terms last until 2011.

See newly sworn-in Seaside Heights School Board members: The Seaside Heights Board of Education has a returning member and one new member. Frances T. Little is now in her third term on the Seaside Heights BOE. Fran also recently won a second term to the Central Regional Board of Education. The new member is Harry Smith, who was brought to office via a write-in sweep in the April 15th election. Harry Smith is a familiar name to the BOE, as his late father, Harry M. Smith III, was a longtime BOE President, and is the namesake for the Early Childhood Center named at the Hugh J. Boyd, Jr. Elementary School in June 2007. Congratulations to both members, whose terms last until April 2011.

See Alicia Horowitz and her recently redone Seaside Heights home…

May 4, 2008

PRACTICING FOR THE FUTURE?? Alicia Horowitz (with Miss Rhiannon Asch) recently debuted her newly re-decorated Seaside Heights pad on Sampson Avenue.

COME AND KNOCK ON OUR DOOR…Alicia invites viewers for a behind the scenes tour of her new house, behind that of her parents.

NOT MARTHA STEWART…Alicia says that cookbooks are good for decoration only.

The former tenants preferred purple rug and 1970’s-era paneling, which was not to Alicia’s liking.

Alicia spent over a year making preparations and renovations to the house.

Heidi Giles was among those who came to see Alicia’s new place.

Shannon Asch, daughter Rhiannon and son Alec Feltri, now 14, came by.

Neighbors Matt Schultz and mom Denise came by to see Alicia’s house as well.

Alicia’s cousin Stephanie, husband Mitch and family also stopped by to check out the house.

Alicia’s niece Lilli is seen posing with Heidi Giles.

PRACTICING FOR THE FUTURE??? Alicia’s boyfriend Keith Marino also poses with Miss Rhiannon Asch.

See enormous Seaside Heights Electric Utility circuit breakers…

May 4, 2008

This is one of five enormous circuit breakers that service Seaside Heights. Each of the five is the size of a small refrigerator.

Last week, the circuit breakers went through maintenance, resulting in a series of power outages.

See enormous Seaside Heights Electric Utility circuit breakers: Most everyone is familiar with a household electric fuse box panel. Homes are wired along different circuits that tap from the main power source. Switch one of the fuses on and power flows, shut it off and it ceases. The Borough of Seaside Heights Electrical Utility also has a “fusebox” of sorts, and it fills up an entire room at the Public Works Department. Last week, the fuses underwent maintenance, causing periodic, planned power interruptions. The Borough actually has 6 fuses: 5 active, one spare. Each of the five circuits that provides power is pulled out, and while it is being serviced, the spare is temporarily placed in its slot. Although it can be an inconvenience, the maintenance is necessary to ensure service continues smoothly, especially before the summer season.