Time Period of May 29th through about June 7th, 2009…


PETE had PRECIOUS LITTLE TIME with the impact of Memorial Day Weekend, and is under DOCTOR’S ORDERS to take is easier, so WE ARE A BIT LATE with this latest launch,  but BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!


NASA ALSO SAYS, “BETTER LATE, THEN NEVER”! Shuttle Atlantis waited two days to land, and had to re-route to California after an extremely risky mission to the Hubble Space Telescope. Atlantis launched on  May 11th, and landed May 24th, 2009, making repairs to Hubble that will extend it’s life to its third decade.  Atlantis is the second-oldest shuttle in the remaining fleet. In all, five orbiters were built. Challenger was lost in a catastrophic failure during a 1986 launch, and Columbia met its catastrophic fate upon re-entry at the end of a mission in 2003.  The oldest remaining shuttle is the workhorse, Discovery, and the youngest is Endeavour, built to replace Challenger in the late eighties. Pete has seen (and filmed) launches of both Discovery (October 2007) and Atlantis (February 2008). The STS (Space Transportation System) program, which is the shuttle program’s official name, will be retired very soon, most likely in 2010.


SHOT TO THE TOP, Pete picked this photo of #1 bartender friend Steve Taylor as the week's top photo.

SHOT TO THE TOP, Pete picked this photo of #1 bartender friend Steve Taylor as the week's top photo.

PETE IS seen with #1 bartender friend Steve Taylor, who is not just an Iraqi war hero , but also a popular gentleman with the ladies.

NEXT ISSUE SHOULD BE PUBLISHED ON OR AROUND JUNE 8TH…depending on factors sometimes in, sometimes out of our control!

CLICK THE ARROW BELOW TO WATCH A VIDEO OF 101 SAFE DAYS OF SUMMER, sponsored by the Borough of Seaside Heights and many local safety agencies, AND ALSO THE DEMOLITION OF CLUB X/S, which had a number of incarnations over the years, including The Sheik’s Tent, Masquerade, Yakety Yak and also PETE’S BELOVED BABY’O, which hosted the first-ever local teen night in 1984, the year Pete turned 13!

CLICK THE ARROW BELOW TO WATCH A VIDEO OF THE KINKS HIT, COME DANCING, which was one of Pete’s favorite videos in the 1983/84 era, which describes Kink’s lead singer Ray Davie’s feelings the day the wrecking ball met The Local Palais,  a popular dance hall of his youth in England. Davie sings, “The day the knocked down The Palais, my sister stood there and cried, the day they knocked down The Palais, part of my childhood died.”  25 years later, Pete is feeling Ray’s pain, with the loss of his BELOVED BABY’O DISCO.

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