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Promotions at Seaside Heights Municipal Court…

April 6, 2008

Seaside Heights Municipal Court Administrator Jane Carrozza(center) is seen with her newly-appointed pair of Deputy Court Administrators: Patti Genander(left) and Jackie Wohlleben.

Promotions at Seaside Heights Municipal Court: Congratulations are in order for two recently promoted employees of the Borough of Seaside Heights. Patti Genander and Jackie Wohlleben have both been named to the position of Deputy Court Administrator. Having two deputies is something the Borough has considered for some time, and is actually a suggestion of the Administrative Office of the Courts, given the high volume of business transacted at the SHMC. Patti is known by some by her pre-marriage last name, Arnold, as she is daughter of Bob and Bettsey Arnold, both retired Borough of Seaside Heights employees. Patti had recently been working as an Administrative Clerk at the Police Department, but has ten-plus years experience in the SHMC. Jackie has worked in the SHMC for four years, earning the respect of many, including that of Court Administrator Jane Carrozza, who spoke highly of both appointees.

Island Junior Little League Opening Day…

April 6, 2008

SURPRISE SUNSHINE greeted the Island Junior Little League opening day at the Seaside Heights ball field, Saturday April 5th. Here, Seaside Heights Mayor Ken Hershey and Councilpersons Rich Tompkins, Joyce Camera, Agnes Polhemus and Joann Dusczak are seen with Councilwoman Anita Zalom from Lavallette greeting IJLL President John Wiley. Public Works Superintendent Lou DiGuilio, who oversaw the preparations for opening day, is seen in the back.

PETE’S BROTHER Paul Smith is an IJLL coach, nephew Mackenzie plays, and niece Noah is a big fan.


Past meets Present at Seaside Heights Municipal Clerk’s Office…

April 6, 2008

Bettsey Arnold(left) and Diane Stabley, the past and present Municipal Clerks of Seaside Heights.

Past meets Present at Seaside Heights Municipal Clerk’s Office: Past met present last week at the Seaside Heights Municipal Clerk’s Office. Mrs. Bettsey Arnold, who retired at the end of 2003, made her first post-retirement appearance at a meeting inside the Seaside Heights Borough Hall. Bettsey’s appearance was due to the promotion of her daughter, Patti Genander, to the position of Deputy Court Administrator. Bettsey was greeted by Diane Stabley, who eventually became Seaside Heights’ next Registered Municipal Clerk, after taking a series of courses and passing a challenging test. Bettsey was glad to hear that the Clerk’s Office and The Office of Public Relations are currently working together to scan and convert to computer files all of the official Borough minutes that have been carefully maintained by the various Borough Clerks over the years. These minutes date back to January 29, 1913, the date of the very first meeting of the Seaside Heights Mayor & Council as an independent municipality. It is hoped that once the documents are scanned, they can be shared online. This and other projects are currently underway in preparation for the 100th year anniversary of the Borough of Seaside Heights, less than five years away, in 2013.

Fire Auxiliary pressed into service…

April 6, 2008

to assist at a structure fire.
Some of the members of the Seaside Heights Fire Auxiliary: Cookie Haring, Joann Duszczak, Samantha Samarelli, Kim Samarelli, new member Maureen, Anita Alliston and Diane Martinez at the March 31st meeting, interupted by the group’s primary function: to assist at a structure fire.

Fire Auxiliary pressed into service: At 7 p.m. on Monday March 31st, the Seaside Heights Fire Auxiliary held its monthly meeting. As always, after the general business was discussed, all the members were reminded of the group’s primary reason for being: to assist the firefighters at the scene a fire. With the organization only starting its second year in its current incarnation, all members are enthusiastic, but many lack experience at a structure fire scene. During this end portion of the meeting, plans were being discussed as to what exactly should be done if the “big one” happens. Just as that was said, the fire whistles could be heard, and Station 44 was dispatched to a structure fire in Ortley Beach. This was the first time this group ever was pressed into action. Thankfully, it was a small home, and a fire of short duration. The Auxiliary offered bottled water to every emergency responder they saw, and no one went thirsty. The experience gave the group its first taste of the real thing. It provided valuable experience for all involved and provided opportunities and lessons to improve and expand service in the future.

See Bill Akers Jr. and Sr…

April 6, 2008

Bill Akers Jr. & Sr. are seen at a recent meeting of the Seaside Heights Mayor & Council.

See Bill Akers Jr. and Sr: We’re used to seeing Councilman Bill Akers at meetings, but lately we’ve been seeing Bill Jr, 23, as well. Younger Bill says he is proud of his dad, and enjoys coming to see him in action at meetings. Bill Jr. usually is camera shy, but he allowed our cameras to capture him. Late last year, Bill Jr. became the owner of “Multi” (a.k.a. Mr. Cutey Potato), the world’s friendliest stray cat, who formerly made his home on the lawn of the Seaside Heights Borough Hall. At first Bill Sr. and wife Gloria only allowed Multi inside at night when it was cold. Soon, however, Multi was permanently residing in Bill Jr’s room.

“Multi” is no longer homeless, thanks to the Akers family.