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Haunted Castle fire at Six Flags Great Adventure rubble RAW FOOTAGE!

November 7, 2010

This is ORIGINAL RAW & UNCUT FOOTAGE, of the pernicious and deadly HAUNTED CASTLE AT SIX FLAGS GREAT ADVENTURE, which occurred on May 11, 1984. is releasing this footage in anticipation of the book, Doorway To Hell?  The Mysteries and Controversies surrounding the fire at the Haunted Castle at Six Flags Great Adventure, which is expected within the next few months.  As a follow-up online, will be releasing the same video withaudio  commentary.


1. The Haunted Castle was made up of 17 highway trailers, two separate, mirror-image sections of 8 trailers each, and a 17th “control room” in between them, all behind the facade of a castle.

2.  For reference points, the air conditioners are in the rear of the structure.

3.  The screams and sounds you hear are real-time, from park fun-goers on other rides, or from investigators.

This video doesn’t exist