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September 1, 2008

East Coast, maybe Jersey Shore, might not like Hanna or Ike…

September 1, 2008

Accu-Weather meterologists predicted that Hanna will follow this ominous path. Only time will tell.

2008 is surely an active hurricane year.
Tropical Storm Arthur formed on the last day in May, one of only a handful of May tropical systems. Hurricane Bertha was the longest lived July storm on record, the first of a series of early and strong African “Cape Verde” storms to form. In early August, Hurricane Dolly struck the Texas coast as a Category 2. Later in August Tropical Storm Fay never made it to hurricane strength, but brought rains like those described in biblical times to Florida. Now, just three years from the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, another major hurricane, Gustav, has plowed into New Orleans, causing havoc in a city that has already seen its share of devastation.
It begins in June and ends in November, but the Atlantic hurricane season peaks September 10th. Now that we are approaching the peak, the Atlantic is active, and the East Coast of the United States, and perhaps the Jersey Shore could be in peril from the threat of a hurricane.
Hanna is the greatest
immediate threat. Computer models are predicting the possibility of a “Floyd-esque” scenario, such as was seen in 1999, where a big tropical system rides up the Eastern Seaboard. The question remains, where will the storm hit and when? If Hanna follows the expected path, it would effect this area sometime between Friday September 5th and Sunday September 7th.
Maybe Hanna will remain weak, bypass the Jersey Shore, and minimal effects will be felt. On the other hand, Hanna could grow into a huge monster and plows into the Jersey coast in an about one in two hundred chance of a major hurricane hitting this area.
(the last hit in early September 1821) The possibilities are there for both situations or somewhere in the middle. It will really be decided by how different weather systems interact with each other at a certain time.
Also at play in the Atlantic are other systems projected to develop into tropical storms. The next three names on the 2008 are: Ike, Josephine, and Kyle.

“SPAGHETTI MODELS” are predicting various scenarios for Hanna, several bad for the Jersey Shore.

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, Patron Saint of Good Weather in Seaside Heights, WHO APPEARS IN THE 1970’S VIDEO IN FRENCH has been CALLED INTO DOUBLE-OVERTIME, performing special ANTI-HURRICANE dances FROM THE BIG TEE-PEE IN THE SKY!

Happy Birthday Samantha and James Samarelli…

September 1, 2008

HAPPY 9TH BIRTHDAY to Miss Samantha Samarelli, shown here with parents James and Kim and HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY to brother James Jr. Samantha’s birthday is actually at the end of September, and James’ birthday is in December, but in tradition, their upcoming birthdays were celebrated with friends and family Labor Day Weekend to take advantage of the usually good weather. Samantha and James celebrated at Jenkinson’s Breakwater Beach. Samantha begins third grade at St. Joseph’s Grade School and James begins pre-school in Berkeley Township this week.


Central Regional Alumni welcomed back September 19th…

September 1, 2008

CALLING ALL CENTRAL REGIONAL SPORTS ALUMNI: All CR sports alumni are welcome to the district on Friday September 19th for the opening football game of 2008.

Central Regional Alumni welcomed back September 19th: Central Regional Alumni of the future will never have to swelter in a hot classroom like those of the past now with the new air conditioning system in place at the high school. Perhaps the older alumni will be reminded of the “warmth” of days gone by when they are warmly invited back to CRHS for the opening game of the 2008 Football Season.
According to CR Superintendent Tom “Dr. P.” Parlapanides, “On opening Football Night, all Alumni Football, Band and Cheerleading are invited to come back for opening night.”
The big event will be Friday, September 19th when Central faces off against Wall.
Dr. P. said, “All alumni will meet at 6:00 P.M. in the High School Cafeteria. All Band, Cheerleading and Football Alumni will be able to get in the game for free. The alumni football players will line the path as our current football players enter the stadium. The Central Regional PTA will be selling Spirit Towels during the game for $5 dollars at a location near the concession stand. Be a part of something special and come out and support our wonderful student/athletes and coaches.”
News of the alumni event comes at the same time the new climate control system was announced. Dr. P. said, “The High School now has air conditioning throughout the building. This will increase academics because now student can better concentrate on their teacher , rather than sweating in class. Last year students were sent home early due to extremely high temperatures losing academic time. With the new air conditioning systems regardless of how hot it gets in May and June students will remain in classes and continue to learn.”

See Seaside Heights wooden bridge…

September 1, 2008

This is a photo of the original wooden Seaside Heights bridge, from The First Fifty.

See Seaside Heights wooden bridge: It is hard to imagine today, with two bridges spanning the Barnegat Bay to Seaside Heights, that one day there was only a small wooden bridge. Up until the 1950’s, the wooden bridge was the only way to get to this area, built specifically for visitors to get to the amusement center and boardwalk. However, in order for Seaside Heights to flourish as “The Town That Fun Built”, in the early 1950’s the Mathis drawbridge (now the inbound bridge) was built. In later years, a causeway linking to Route 37 was built, and in the early 1970’s, the J. Stanley Tunney Bridge (outbound) was opened leading from this causeway. The latter bridge was named after the 12-term Seaside Heights Mayor who lobbied the State of New Jersey hard to construct the projects that would allow his beloved Borough to prosper.