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Cool People for Week of November 11th-17th 2007….

November 11, 2007

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HARRY SMITH, financier, whose big day was October 31st.

CHIEF TOMMY BOYD, guest of honor at Harry’s birthday festivities.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALSO to Pete’s nephew Tim Smith, who turned 17 on November 10th.

Seaside Heights Mayor Ken Hershey won his FIFTH term on Election Day.

Councilman Rich Tompkins won his second term on Election Day.

Billy Jablonski, part of the snowflake team.

Miss Lindsay Jones.

Joanne LaCicero, First Lady of Lavallette, had her annual Halloween party at the Seaside Heights Community Center. Joanne is the wife of…

“King Wally” LaCicero, seen here son John in their Halloween costumes inspired by the Jack Black film Nacho Libre.

Pete met the Grim Reaper at Wally & Joanne’s party.

Snowflake Factory…

November 11, 2007

Ramon Cruz, Billy Jablonski and Michael Ehrenkranz from the Seaside Heights Public Works ready the electronic snowfall display, which uses 1,584 C7 Christmas lights.

The 36 snowflakes readied to go up on the poles.

Seaside Heights Snowflake Factory: 1,584 light bulbs. That is the amount of light bulbs that are used for the electronic snowflake pattern on the Boulevard in Seaside Heights. In 2006, 24 snowflakes were placed along the route from Dupont to Sherman Avenues. In 2007, 12 new snowflakes have been placed along the northern part of the Boulevard from Kearney to Hiering Avenues. (The streets from the north side of Sheridan to the south side of Kearney that do not have matching sets of black poles on both sides of the streets will get wreaths. This area has yet to be completed in the New Orleans-style to match the remainder of the Boulevard). All 24 of the first wave of snowflakes had to be checked, and any burned out bulbs or blown fuses had to be replaced. Each of the 12 new snowflakes had to have about 30 of its 44 bulbs removed, and replaced with special twinkling bulbs that create the unique visual effect. 24 man hours went into the maintenance of the snowflakes. Those involved in the bulb maintenance job: Public Relations chief Pete Smith, along with Ramon Cruz, Billy Jablonski and Michael Ehrenkranz from the SSH Public Works. The snowflakes have already been put in place along the Boulevard by Jim Andren from the DPW, assisted by others, like Henry Brag. The electronic snowfall will be lit in time for Thanksgiving or just shortly thereafter says the Department of Public Works.

Pre-Schoolers visit Firehouse for Fire Prevention Week…

November 11, 2007

The a.m. pre-school class is seen with Hugh J. Boyd Jr. Elementary Early Education teachers Mrs. Kathy Ruprecht and Mrs. Miriam Schneider.

The p.m. pre-school students are seen with Seaside Heights Firefighters Ken Roberts and Bill Hibell.

Pre-Schoolers visit Seaside Heights Fire Department for Fire Prevention Week:
Each October, students from the Hugh J. Boyd Jr. Elementary School in Seaside Heights visit the headquarters of Station 44, The Seaside Heights Volunteer Fire Department for Fire Prevention Week. This year, Early Childhood Education teachers Mrs. Kathy Ruprecht and Mrs. Miriam Schneider and other chaperones walked both groups of the a.m. and p.m. pre-school students from the school to the firehouse for the important program. Here, they were met by Firefighters Ken Roberts and Bill Hibell, who showed them trucks and equipment, and explained fire safety.

Happy 21st Birthday Jeffrey Camera, Entrepreneur…

November 11, 2007

Seaside Heights Entrepreneur Jeffrey Camera, who celebrated his 21st birthday November 8, 2007, is seen inside his new business Seaside Laundry.

Happy 21st Birthday Jeffrey Camera, Entrepreneur: Jeffrey Camera, son of Seaside Heights Borough Administrator John Camera and grandson of Councilwoman Joyce Camera, turned 21 on November 8, 2007. Although this story coincides with his birthday, the original intention of the piece was to bring attention to Jeffrey’s latest entrepreneurial endeavor, Seaside Laundry. During this past summer, Jeffrey overtook operation of the long-established Loundy family laundromat (Formerly called Cindy’s Suds) located between Dupont and Porter Avenues along the Boulevard in Seaside Heights. Jeffrey is actually an experienced businessman, having operated the various beach umbrella stands along the beaches in Seaside Heights for the past few summers. When he took over the laundromat, Jeffrey added an unusual laundromat service: internet. Several computers are set-up, and 25 cents will give you three minutes of internet connection. Jeffrey says that this service was very popular this summer, especially with the foreign students who arrive en masse each year to work in the local industries.

Generations of Whalens in Seaside Heights…

November 11, 2007

Seaside Heights Boardwalk legend “Lucky” Leo Whalen is seen with son Steve at the Next Door Cafe.

Generations of Whalens in Seaside Heights: Recently our cameras caught up with some very special people having breakfast at the Next Door Cafe in Seaside Heights. Mr. Leo Whalen and son Steve were enjoying a great November day before Leo goes off to Florida. Of course Leo is far better known by the name of his business, Lucky Leo’s, established in 1953 on the Seaside Heights boardwalk. Now retired, Mr. Whalen’s business is now run by his sons. And as far as the future is concerned, there are no shortage of grandsons and granddaughters seen working at the landmark arcade.