popartpete.com July 11th, 2010 edition

Coolest people of the time period….

THE NEW MR. AND MRS. VINCENT CRAPAROTTA III, married June 27th, 2010, followed by the best reception OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM!!!

Rocco Craparotta, natural born character actor.

LIVING LA “VITA” LOCA,  Seaside Heights’ newest fitness gym, opening soon.

Alicia (Horowitz) Marino and niece Lilli.

Gail Hershey of Blackout.

Gail  and Joey Loundy of Seaside Liquors.

OFT-PHOTOED GAIL, is seen with Mike Graichen.

Nick Dionisio of Park Seafood.

Bob Dioniso, of stand #2 at Park Seafood, soon to be seen on MTV’s Jersey Shore.

Jack-Buster Smith.

Penny Grachien, and Sue Cassadonte.

Shawn Heckler.

The Seaside Heights Lifeguards, on duty daily through September.

Lainey Sierfeld, little sister to Lexi Sierfied and Taylor Sierfeld.  Mom Chrissa (Golubowski) is among Pete’s best friends since she was 20,  and dad Kyle, has been on the list since Pete was in seventh grade at Central Regional. Who played Cupid??…YOU DO THE MATH!!!

Christian, star bartender at Hemingway’s.

Lieutenant Jon Lombardi of the Seaside Heights Police Department, among Pete’s since-Kindergarten group of friends.

Pete’s beloved brother Paulie, with adored sister-in-law Heather (Mayer) and niece Noah.

Carmine and Stephanie DiRosa of Luna Rosa and Karma.

SULTRY STEPHANIE is not afraid to take a saucy pose!!!

A BABY BUMP is evident for Pete’s adored Miss Chelsea, due in late November 2010!

SISTERS OF PSI THETA EPSILON.  At Pete’s 15th reunion of graduating St. Leo University in Florida, he bumped into Skye Largent-Langmack and Staci Pedulla, both sisters of Psi Theta, of which Pete was honored in 1993 as BIG BROTHER!

PETE CAN DIE NOW, after being in attendance at the BEST WEDDING OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM!!

A PACKED HOUSE at the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church for the wedding of Vinnie and Jenna.

Pete had a bird’s eye view of the nuptials, for filming purposes.

Hemingway’s, owned by Vin’s parents, was the site of the reception.

A SEA OF WHITE.  Pete has been to many affairs, but this is by far NUMBER ONE on the list in all categories.

Pete was floored at every turn, in response to the exquisite decorations.

SOCIETY GUESTS included Fritz and Jeannie Rolle, Lisa Barna..

Karl Palzer…

Rudy Diener…

Jen Hart..

Elayne and Patty Whalen….

The future Mr. and Mrs. Timmy Yannacone…

Mr. and Mrs. Rob Farley.

Why is Pete’s leg all HIGELTY-PIGGELTY???

Why has Pete been wearing this leg brace of as late????

It’s due to his late March fall in Florida.

THE CULPRIT: this fire ring was laying down flat in the pitch darkness.  Pete has already retained a personal injury attorney.

This is the injury a week later.

AN MRI, which is not fun on its own, determined that Pete has nerve damage, and will probably need an operation in September, after the season.

Come and knock on Pete’s new door…

Pete will be renting this cute Sherman Avenue Arts & Crafts bungalow, as soon as it undergoes some cosmetic repairs.

Pete and brother Dave toured the house, and found it quite cute and suitable for the new popartpete.com headquarters.

ALL NEW.  Landlords Don & Elizabeth King are replacing everything ahead of Pete’s arrival.

The house has two bedrooms, two baths, and a laundry area.

This laminate flooring will soon grace the floors of the home.

See Pete’s  beloved alma mater, Saint Leo University…

Pete attended his 15th year college reunion at St. Leo University in Florida this year.

A PLACE OF BEAUTY. St. Leo is extremely easy on the eye.

This tent was where the reunion was held.

In Pete’s youth, these were some of his haunts.

Interestingly enough, this building was built a few years back to replace the original cafeteria, and Pete happened to be on campus the day it opened.

SOMETHINGS DON’T CHANGE:  students still play volleyball on the sand court located between Henderson and Benoit residence halls.

Unfortune Seaside Park structure fire, yet other good news, still…

This house, near the Seaside Heights border with Seaside Park had a fire a few weeks back.

Pete was on scene to film, as per usual.

Jimmy Erickson, one of Pete’s numerous former assistants, was on hand helping to fight the fire.

A few days later, Jimmy welcomed son Hobart “Hobie” James Erickson, with fiance Maureen Connelly.

See Le Petit Garage….

Le Petit Garage is owned by Pete’s childhood friend, Cara Hershey.

Cara has exceptional taste, and it is reflected in her boutique of treasures.

If you look closely, you will see that Cara has incorporated an old “stop and go” spinner as part of her decor.

Pete’s creations live on…

During his time working at the Borough, these electric suns, seen outside Karma, a Jersey Shore hotspot, were personally custom ordered by Pete.

These trees along Central Avenue, planted in 2005 and 2006, are doing gloriously. Pete is moved each time he passes the sea of trees.

In nearly a half decade, the trees have had zero damage or vandalism.

Pete’s happiest moment of the last two miserably hot weeks…

After a busy and super-hot early July, Pete was SO happy to see rain on July 10th.

THREE CHEERS FOR THE RED, WHITE AND BLUE.  The skies above Seaside Heights were glorious that evening.

SOME PEOPLE CAN’T SEE PAST THE TIP OF THEIR OWN NOSE, as Pete always is heard saying. Seaside Heights is one of the most glorious places on Earth.



Now readers can view a slideshow of the week’s pictures, and even some that didn’t make the cut!

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