RETURN TO FLIGHT: September 13, 2010…. MISSION CONTROL confirms, good rocket booster separation, good staging…

The CYBERSPACE SHUTTLE fleet has been ungoing a total upgrade over the last few months, in an effort to bring you a clearer view of the images and videos we hoist into the heavens!

Improvements are being made on the INTERNATIONAL CYBERSPACE STATION,  with NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN surprises coming to your computer screen as soon as ALL SYSTEMS ARE GO!


SEASIDE HEIGHTS had a long, hot sunny summer.

These experimental boardwalk fences near Kearney Avenue may one day replace the current chain-link fencing.

UNDER A BLOOD RED SKY:  The moon was an unusual color as Hurricanes Danielle and Earl skirted the seas to our east.

A NEW ADDITION TO THE family: Mademoiselle Claudia, born July 1, 2010.

HURRICANE EARL turned out to be a major dud in these parts, but at least there were some beautiful cloud patterns when it passed our shores.

IT ACTUALLY ‘SNOWED’ inside this cool Coca-Cola “Swelter Shelter” here on Labor Day Monday.

Hurricane Helen, Miss Arizona, and Miss Kiannah all came to visit Mademoiselle Claudia.

Mademoiselle Claudia is the name sake of the Vampire Claudia from Anne Rice’s Interview With The Vampire:  “A little child she was, but also, a fierce killer.”



Jersey Shore breakout star Snooki was looking a hot mess when she was arrested July 31stby the Seaside Heights Police for being drunk and disorderly, and annoying people on the beach.


SNOOKI: A ‘Lindsay Lohan Wannabe’ or a future Vet Tech that had, “an anomaly in an otherwise well-lived life”???  See Seaside Heights Judge Damian Murray tell Snooki off BUT GOOD!!!




AS WE REMEMBER 9/11, we wait with hopefullness as this majestic metropolis is being constructed to replace what was lost, and will shimmer with our freedom.

The new 1 World Trade Center is already built  to its 36th floor, and will top out by 9/11/11 at its full height of 1,776 feet tall.

7 World Trade Center is already built and occupied. It served as a prototype of the future buildings to be built across the street, in the main part of Ground Zero.

Pete’s tropical corner:
It’s September, that is the most likely month for New Jersey to feels the effects of a hurricane. So far in the 2010 season, it’s been active, with 10 named storms as of September 13th, and already 3 major hurricanes (Danielle, Earl, and Igor), and another strong Category 2 (Alex) that made landfall on the Mexican East Coast.  Here is a graphic from the National Hurricane Center that SHOULD change as it is updated by them several times a day as a tropical system of some type is being monitored:

Atlantic Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook

This product is updated at approximately 2 AM, 8 AM, 2 PM, and 8 PM EDT from June 1 to November 30. Special outlooks may be issued as conditions warrant.

Place your mouse cursor over areas of interest for more information Archived Outlooks
Click for Eastern Pacific

If you are having trouble with the NHC graphic, please visit their website directly by clicking HERE.

REMEMBER, our site is being worked upon, and there may be some kinks to work out before we resume a normal flight pattern, but today, WE HAVE ONCE AGAIN ACHIEVED ORBIT, as we have since 2003, from our Cyberspace Mission Control, located in World Famous Seaside Heights, New Jersey!!

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