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Cool People for the week of 3/2-3/8 2008…

March 2, 2008

Vinnie Craparotta and beautiful girlfriend Jenna.

LAVALLETTE REPRESENT: Adam(left) and Christian LaCicero(right) surround Justin Lamb at the 2008 Polar Bear Plunge.

Art Reece, also at the Polar Bear Plunge.

The Polar Bear plunge saw record numbers in 2008. SEE VIDEO IN THIS WEEK’S TALKY BLOG!

Chief Tommy Boyd of Seaside Heights PD and Chief Mike Mastronardy of Toms River PD.

LONG LIVE THE REIGN OF GAIL COLEMAN, who is unopposed in the April election for her seat as the Seaside Park representative to the Central Regional Board of Education.

Jay Aletto of the Coin Castle.

Rich Tompkins (passenger) and Lou DiGuilio.

Miss Caitlin Denzler.

“Uncle Billy” Clark.

Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Shannon Asch.

Seaside Heights sees new St. Patrick’s Parade decorations…

March 2, 2008

16 of these new St. Patrick’s Parade banners have debuted in 2008. The parade is slated for Saturday March 15th at noon.

Four lighted green shamrocks have also debuted in 2008. Plans are for more lighted shamrocks, which will be purchased over the next few years.

Happy Birthday Alicia…

March 2, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Alicia Horowitz, whose big day is March 3rd. Alicia is seen with boyfriend Keith Marino.

Happy Birthday Alicia Horowitz: Happy Birthday wishes are in order for Alicia Horowitz. Alicia’s big day is March 3rd. Alicia is an in-class support teacher at the Hugh J. Boyd Jr. Elementary School. By Alicia’s side these days is boyfriend Keith Marino, who Alicia met through close friends Scott Asch and wife Shannon (Omert). Alicia has been busy lately remodeling her Sampson Avenue home, located behind that of Dad Nate and mom Carol Horowitz.

Aztec, home to a vintage Diet Coke machine:

March 2, 2008

This vintage Diet Coke machine at the Aztec Ocean Resort in Seaside Heights dates to the mid-1980’s according to local Diet Coke fans.

Aztec, home to a vintage Diet Coke machine: Coca-Cola vending machines are very common, especially around Seaside Heights where Coca-Cola is a big sponsor of fireworks and free beach days. However, Diet Coke machines are very rare. Recently it was discovered that the Aztec Ocean Resort in Seaside Heights is home to a vintage Diet Coke machine, circa 1980’s. The machine uses the old white and red Diet Coke logo, far different than the silver and red cans now used. Diet Coke was introduced in July 1982. This machine is probably from 1984 to 1986, as it carries the logo for NutraSweet, the brand name for aspartame, which Coca-Cola switched to exclusively around this time to sweeten the popular beverage. Although most Diet Coke is still made sweet with aspartame, Diet Coke now also has a special version, sweetened with the newer Splenda. In recent years, Diet Coke has found notoriety on the popular website Many videos are dedicated to the violent reaction that occurs when Diet Coke is mixed with Mentos breath mints.

dietcokementos.jpg viewers know that Diet Coke reacts violently when a few Mentos are dropped in the bottle.

Meet Nyla…

March 2, 2008

Nyla, mini-Doberman puppy recently purchased by Kathy DeVito.

Meet Nyla: A new puppy has recently been seen around Seaside Heights Borough Hall. Tiny Nyla was brought home in November by Kathy DeVito, who works in the front office. Nyla is a Mini Doberman Pinscher, and although she is far larger now, at first she fit right in the palm of your hand. According to Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, “the breed is well known as an intelligent, alert, and loyal companion dog.”