Weeks of March 29th-April 11, 2009

The popartpete.com SEASIDE HEIGHTS NEWS MAGAZINE PUBLISHES EVERY TWO WEEKS, with the next new issue scheduled to post on Sunday April 12th…


EVEN NASA HAS DELAYS! Pete was supposed to be an eyewitness to the launch of STS-119, Shuttle Discovery, in February 2009, but it was pushed back one month when its engines had to be switched-out for safety reasons. STS-119 launched and landed successfully in March 2009.
The successful launch and landing of Discovery leaves only 8 more missions until the 40-plus year old shuttle design is replaced with modern technology, built on the legacy and lessons of the shuttle program

Here are just some of the COOL PEOPLE photographed for our pages in the last two weeks….

Mark Fischetti, seated in the “beer chair”

Mark and Jimmy from One of A Kind were seen at Seaside Liquors.

Later in the week, on St. Patrick’s Day, Mark played Joe Ferguson for the ping-pong table championship at EJ’s.

Celebratin’ St. Patrick’s Day at JR’s, under the new management of Kevin Stewart (far left) with dad Bobby Stewart to his right, along with other key local players Bill “Murph” White, and Michael and Jamie Loundy.

Bobby Stewart served up the corned beef & cabbage at JR’s on the big day.

Todd Genty, working a project will you read about in the next edition of this news magazine, which will post Sunday April 12th.

Seaside Heights Mayor Ken Hershey, seen with prominent local attorney and native son George Gilmore, who wore the sunny day as an homage to the first day of Spring, which was March 20th.

Dr. Frank “Skip” Sommerer, chiropractor the stars.


MaryEllen Mazzanti Rogers’ daughter, Emma Rose snapped this on her iphone. The cousins are: Mallory Ricci who works at Aunt Barbara Mazzanti-Zuhuhowski ‘s Beauty Salon(Appearance Workshop), sister Kelsey Lynn Ricci(came home for a break at Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Fl., and Barb’s daughter, Emilie Zuhowski.

Ann & Gary Stabile, recently seen in Aruba, a winter hot spot for locals.

See photos from Pete’s recent visit to New York…

IT WAS ST. PATRICK’S TIME, so we visited the old St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

The rice pudding here is wonderful.

The yogurt at Pinkberry is outstanding.

Dinner in Little Italy is outstanding.


“Dependable” Don Found-It…

PETE recently went on a shopping spree at “Don Found It” on Route 37.

"Dependable Don" and Terry of Blaine Avenue in Seaside Heights are the owners of "Don Found It.

"Dependable Don" and Terry of Blaine Avenue in Seaside Heights are the owners of "Don Found It.

PETE FOUND A BOUNTY AT DON’S, purchasing for the tidy sum of $254.00: a beautiful couch, two dressers, two captain’s chairs (one solid maple, the other wrapped in a blue pleather, and a very cool adjustable lamp.)

This is the back room of Don’s, where things sell as quickly as they are put on the floor.

Jack-Buster Smith has claimed this section of the couch, which must remain covered at most times to stay beautiful.

LITTLE LU-LU staked her claim on this side of the new couch.


Thanks to the Seaside Heights Police Department, who investigated and arrested Shakely Norman, shown here, who was caught on video, allegedly robbing the TC Liquor Locker store on January 28th.



ABC NEWS had a feature story about Seaside Heights Summer Vacation Rentals. Click Prominent Local Realtor Mike Loundy’s photo above to be linked to a news clip video on the ABC site, and read the full story below….

The economy is forcing more people to stay closer to home. So right now could be the perfect time to start making your vacation plans.

The Jersey Shore is expecting a banner summer rental season.

Why? Because places like Seaside Heights are just one tank of gas away from most of the tri-state area.

Real estate professionals tell Eyewitness News they are expecting more than the families who traditionally come for a week or two. The shore is expecting a tide of newcomers. The newcomers are people who decided to save some cash by staying close to home.

“You get a lot of bang for your buck,” said Mike Loundy of Seaside Reality. “We like to think we have a lot of value, the beach and the boardwalk are beautiful and our prices are inexpensive.”

Loundy’s family has been running Seaside Realty in Seaside Heights since the 1930s. He said the market was soft last year, but he doesn’t see that for the summer of 2009.

“The good rentals go early,” he said. “We’re finding that the more inexpensive rentals are very active now.”

In Ocean Gate, Mayor Paul Kennedy said realtors on the bay are seeing more demand.

“The rentals are up about 50 to 60 percent on minimum,” he said. “It looks like we’re going to have a great summer, probably one of the best summers we’ve had in a long, long time.”

The good news for potential vacation renters on the shore in a boom in rental construction. The results will be more units available on the shore.


POA NEWS & VIEWS ON LINE PO Box 548 Seaside Heights, New Jersey 08751 (poash211@aol.com)

POA EXECUTIVE OFFICERS: Arthur Fierro, President; Bill Hibell, 1st Vice-President; Sandra Lazzaro, 2nd Vice-President; Helen Baszkowski, Secretary and Terri Bissell, Treasurer.

Our next meeting of The Property Owners’ Association of Seaside Heights will be held at 8pm at the Community Center, Hancock Avenue and Bay Boulevard, Friday April 3, 2009. We hope you will attend.
The Neighborhood Watch Committee, an organization established by Michelle Sperber, will meet again between 6:30 & 7:30pm, April 3rd at the Community Center. We urge all POA members interested in this program to attend. Speak to your neighbors. Following the meeting, the POA will have its regular monthly meeting. Stay for both!

Ocean County Sheriff William Polhemus and his wife, Seaside Heights Councilwoman Agnus Polhemus announced the tragic death in an automobile accident on March 1st of their son, William Jr. age 53 of Fort Myers, Florida. In addition to his parents William Jr. is survived by his wife, Linda, also seriously injured in the accident, two children, a grandson, and sister Lorraine Adams. The Sheriff and his wife are residents of Seaside Heights, where their son was born and raised. To all the members of the Polhemus Family, our prayers and our sincere, heartfelt condolence.

The March 6th POA meeting featured the appearance of Assemblyman David Wolfe of the 10th Legislative District. At the request of the POA President, Alex Habib a POA member who made the appearance possible, introduced
Assemblyman David Wolfe. After a brief summary of his background, mixed with some personal humor, Assemblyman Wolfe indicated that he was at the POA meeting to listen to the concerns of the membership.

POA Board member, John Patricco opened the discussion by asking how Assemblyman Wolfe could help us in Seaside Heights with our concern over the large and disproportionate number of Section 8 welfare. Assemblyman Wolfe advised that, as far as he was aware, our local officials are addressing that. He explained, however, that if you are a private citizen, you may accept people with a voucher for Section 8 as tenants.

POA President noted that the problem was not just Section 8, which proliferates in homes throughout the residential areas, but the very large number of individuals housed here under emergency housing in motels. In the recent past, 67% of all of Ocean County’s homeless and displaced persons have been sheltered in Seaside Heights.

Former Mayor George Tompkins said the welfare situation in Seaside Heights is political. In addition, it has created extra costs for school and for the police department in time and concerns. The State should help us financially. He also expressed his concern about the closing of hospitals.

Councilwoman Joyce Camera (and former POA President), said that our Borough Administrator is currently seated on the Board of Social Services. She explained the recent agreement settling the lawsuit between the borough and the motel owners over the issue of the number of emergency housing permissible in the motels. Occupancy of non-transient in motels, she noted, had been as high as 45%, but under the settlement, beginning in 2009, the limit of any motel will be 35% occupancy, but will decline in 2010, to 30%; in 2011, to 25%; and finally to a limit of 20% in 2012.. She suggested that maybe we have to do some “legwork” to get together with hotels over the bridge to take in some non-transient people.

Councilwoman Joann Duszczak indicated that all of the concerns of the POA are the concerns of the governing body. The community needs to work together to help resolve issues. She thanked the POA for their efforts.

Assemblyman Wolfe said he will work to do what he can. He then asked the membership what they thought was the most serious problem in Seaside Heights. The membership overwhelming indicated that the welfare issue was their prime concern.

POA President said the disproportionate welfare is one of the primary causes for a serious decline in the town’s quality of life as a resort community. He noted that there has been more than a 50% loss in visitors and vacationers over the past 15 years. No other Ocean County coastal community has suffered such a decline. He indicated further that Seaside Heights is no longer considered by vacationers, as a destination resort community. The businesses are surviving primarily on day-trippers, weekenders, and vacationers from surrounding communities. However, he also noted that the welfare issue was not the only problem. The town also has a reputation as a party animal town.

Assemblyman Wolfe asked if the welfare population is here only during the winter months. “No….” said the POA President, ” that stopped some 20 years ago”. Many are here year-round. He went on to say that while there are responsible people using the system correctly, we have in Seaside a disproportionate share of welfare, many of whom have serious problems. There are no full time jobs. There is a problem with crime, alcohol /drug abuse and property abuse. People are fearful of walking the streets, he said. The negative impact not only affects the residential areas, and overwhelmed our schools, but also has seriously impacted the seashore business/amusement environment within the community. He said that if something is not done about the disproportionate share of welfare, we will see the continued decline of Seaside Heights as a family friendly and desirable resort town.

POA member, Tom Sypniewski told of meeting a former prisoner originally from Newark who upon his release from a prison in Pennsylvania, was sent to Seaside Heights for housing. That man commented on not having the opportunity for getting work in the off-season.

There was discussion on the large number of sex offenders in the Borough. Alex Habib explained Megan’s Law does not have the ability to regulate. It does not do too much. Assemblyman Wolfe said their office is working with our legislators. He advised there will be a meeting this month on this subject.

POA 2nd Vice President, Sandra Lazzaro and Treasurer, Terri Bissell spoke at length about this problem, and urged members to access specific information concerning sex offenders in the Borough on the Website:
www. njstatepolice.org.

Assemblyman Wolfe thanked the membership for the invitation to meet with them, and assured them that he has heard their concerns. He indicated that he would be happy to return again. POA President expressed appreciation on behalf of all the membership for Assemblyman Wolfe’s appearance before the POA, and added that the membership would welcome his return at any time.. He noted that he believes Assemblyman Wolfe now has a clearer understanding of the concerns and problems facing the community.

North end Beach Control headquarters update: No decision has been made yet for the use of the space vacated by the Beach Control Center at Hiering Avenue. Options are still under consideration.

Parking Meter rates: Al Poane inquired as to whether there was any feedback on the meter rate increase to $1.50 along Ocean Terrace. Councilman Akers indicated that even with the rate increase, it is the best deal in the County.

Demolition of Buildings: Once deed title is transferred, John Camera indicated that bids will be considered for demolition of buildings on the Storino properties acquired by the borough as part of a land swap deal. This would allow for expanded parking on the land located mid-ocean block between Grant and Blaine. However, consideration is underway to save the new large storage building along Grant Ave. Various proposals are being considered.

ATM Machines: John Camera discussed the possibility of ATM machines on municipal property, and asked the governing body if they wanted to allow them. It would be a bid item, and there would be interested bidders. He noted that it would be a revenue maker for the borough. The vendors are willing to establish several ATM machines out on the Boardwalk with 25% of the net going back to the Borough.

Water Tower Graffiti: Ron Sperber complained about the graffiti on the water tower. John Camera indicated that the borough is getting professionals to work on that.

Events a Big Success: Councilwoman Joann Duszczak noted that the Polar Bear Swim and St. Patrick’s Day parade were great events.. John Camera said the crowd estimate for St. Patrick’s Day was 75,000, with very few problems.


Here is a snapshot on the weather forecast for the next two weeks, until we meet again on Sunday April 12th…

Partly Sunny
Becoming windier and cooler
Low: 36 °F
High: 53 °F
Low: 38 °F
High: 57 °F
Cooler; afternoon rain
Low: 44 °F
High: 50 °F
Mostly Cloudy
Mostly cloudy and warmer
Low: 46 °F
High: 60 °F
Cloudy with rain possible
Low: 45 °F
High: 57 °F
Partly Sunny
Windy with partial sunshine
Low: 42 °F
High: 61 °F
Plenty of sun
Low: 43 °F
High: 61 °F
Low: 49 °F
High: 56 °F
Cloudy with showers around
Low: 37 °F
High: 56 °F
Windy and colder
Low: 37 °F
High: 47 °F
Mostly Cloudy
Sun and areas of low clouds
Low: 38 °F
High: 50 °F
Considerable cloudiness
Low: 37 °F
High: 50 °F
Rain at times
Low: 37 °F
High: 50 °F
Mostly Sunny
Mostly sunny
Low: 40 °F
High: 53 °F
Mostly Sunny
Mostly sunny
Low: 46 °F
High: 59 °F

Days 1-5 Days 6-10 Days 11-15 Weekends All 15 Days


Preparations are underway for Easter-time events around the Borough of Seaside Heights.

On Palm Sunday, April 5th, weather permitting, will be having our Palm Sunday Egg Hunt on the beach at 1 p.m.

Thousands of eggs will be buried in the sands off of Seaside Heights.

There is no registration in advance, but the hunt is broken down into the following age categories: Ages 0-2 Hancock Ave., Ages 3-4 Blaine Ave., Ages 5-6 Sumner Ave 7-8 Hamilton Ave., 9-10 Lincoln Ave. Rain date is Saturday, April 11, 2009.

Preparations are also being made for the Traditional Easter Sunday Activities, which will commence 12 p.m. on Sunday March 12th.These include: Flower Giveaway by the Mayor and Council, Easter Outfit Promenade & Contest, Visit with the Easter Bunny and Bike Raffle. All events begin at noon along the boardwalk if good weather, at the Beachcomber, Dupont and Boardwalk if poor. Registration for the Easter Outfit contest will begin at 11 a.m. at the Webster Avenue Tourist Information Center, lasting until 12 p.m., followed by the Flower Giveaway, noon, at the same location. The Easter Show and Bike Raffle will be at about 12:30 at the Franklin Stage or at the Beachcomber. Half-Price ticket sales are being held preseason at both the amusement piers. Casino Pier will conduct their sale April 10th, 11th & 12th 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. rain or shine and from Thursday April 9th 8 a.m. until Monday April 13th until 9 p.m. at casinopiernj.com

Funtown Pier has been selling tickets at the Ocean County Connection at the Ocean County Mall since March 12th-April 12th , on FUNTOWNPIER.COM, and at the pier itself April 4th & 5th and April 10th, 11th and 12th 9 am to 6 pm


HELP POOR PETE! If you are going to order something online, be sure to use this link below!

Click here to visit FotoGrafixusa Inc.

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