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Cool People for the Week of September 30th-October 6th, 2007…

September 30, 2007

ALL THE COOLEST PEOPLE will be attending the Annual Italian Festival October 5th-7th, and will be attending the 16th annual Columbus Parade, Sunday October 7th at 1 p.m.

Kevin Young of Lavallette, who has recently gone into private practice with fellow lawyer and wife Margarie Herlihy.

Seaside Heights Councilman Bill Akers.

YEAR OF THE WOMAN never ends in Seaside Heights with female firefighters Ann Phillips and Jessica Paolo.

Theo Tassioulas.

Lou Nardone and T.J. Larsen.

Matt Semeraro.


Ron and Joanne Funari.


Purse theft in Seaside Heights gains world-wide attention…

September 30, 2007

Seaside Heights Police Chief Tommy Boyd speaks to a sea of media regarding the Lucky Leo’s purse theft incident. The theft gained international attention after a security video revealed the act had been committed by a child who was forced into the act by her grandfather.

Seaside Heights was thrust into the international media’s limelight last week when a video of a shocking crime was picked up by security cameras in the Lucky Leo’s Arcade. The tape later revealed that incident had occurred just before closing time on Septemer 16th. Shortly after this, an employee’s purse was discovered missing behind a counter in the arcade. Staff of the arcade were puzzled, as the purse was not easily accessible, and was behind a swinging door that has an alarm sensor attached to it that sounds a shrill noise if opened. Upon review of the security tape, it was clear to see that an adult had coached a small child into committing the act. What appears to be a woman with two children, a boy about seven and a girl about four, can be seen. The adult is seen giving the small girl instructions, and then is seen pushing the child underneath the alarmed swing-gate. When the child didn’t get through fast enough, the adult can be clearly seen kicking the child the remaining way. Once this tape was discovered, its shocking details were sent to the media. First FOX news reported on the tape, and soon its competition, which includes every television and media outlet in Philadelphia, New York, and New Jersey, were hot on the story. Soon, other media outlets as of type (television, print, internet) all over the country picked-up on the unusual story, and it was widely being given comparisons to the famed story, Oliver Twist. Even television crime show powerhouse America’s Most Wanted with host John Walsh (who is known to especially hate criminals who exploit children) wanted to see this tape. Satellite trucks and news vans of all types soon descended to Seaside Heights. Police Chief Tommy Boyd held two press conferences with a sea of media surrounding him. Seaside Heights Detectives Steve Korman and Joe Engrassia investigated the matter. It was discovered that the victim’s ATM card was used at 7-11 in Teaneck, New Jersey. According to Chief Boyd, some “old-fashioned police work” on behalf of his Detective Bureau (with the help of other agencies) led to the name of a suspect: Daniel P. Twoney, 52, of Teaneck. Twoney is the maternal grandfather of the children, and was watching them (supposedly) to give the children’s mother a break. But police believe that Twomey planned to use the children to help commit crimes, and was disguised at the time of the crime, having what appears to be shoulder length hair, and wearing big clothing unsuitable for the warm weather conditions of this day. The New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services investigated, and determined that the children were safe, and in the custody of their mother who was apparently unaware of the crime. Twomey, however, was no where around. He became a wanted man, with a $150,000 bounty. After a few days on the lam, Twomey was arrested on Saturday September 29th by the Riverside Police Department in Greenwich, Connecticut. He was found asleep in his car in a McDonald’s parking lot, and was said to have been tracked down by a signal from his cell phone. He is being brought back to Ocean County to face charges of using a minor to commit a crime.

CRACKED THE CASE Seaside Heights Detectives Stephen Korman(far right) and Joe Engrassia (center) are seen talking to the media in regards to the Lucky Leo’s purse theft case.

Daniel Twomey, 52, has been arrested by the Riverside Police in Greenwich, Connecticut after several days as a wanted man in regards to the Lucky Leo’s purse theft case. Twomey is alleged to have directed his 4-year old granddaughter to steal a Coach pocketbook from behind the counter of the Lucky Leo’s arcade on September 16th. The incident was picked up by security cameras and the film was broadcast worldwide.


John and Phyllis Camera wedding…

September 30, 2007

NEWLYWEDS Mr. and Mrs. John Camera are seen underneath a special fireworks display John had arranged as a surprise to his bride.

Call them Mr. and Mrs. John Camera now. Seaside Heights Borough Administrator John Camera wed his longtime lady friend Phyllis Katsikis on the sunny and warm afternoon of Saturday September 29, 2007. The ceremony and reception were held in Point Pleasant Beach. Before the 2 p.m. ceremony, the wedding party and immediate family and friends gathered at the beautiful Loundy family home at 312 Atlantic Avenue for a pre-wedding brunch. During this time, professional photographers captured the bride, groom, the wedding party, and family group shots. Just before 2 p.m., the wedding party began the journey down to the beach at Broadway Avenue, to the Jenkinson’s Inlet location. Here, groom John had earlier this week constructed a white gazebo especially for the ceremony. Chairs were placed on the beach in two sections, forming a center aisle where the gorgeous bride was walked down on the arm of both her parents. Once joined at the Gazebo, services began. Included were personal readings of meaningful passages and well-wishes. There was even song, as John’s daughter Jillian, and niece Tina performed a special duet. Officiating at the ceremony was Seaside Heights Mayor Ken Hershey. (Interestingly, Mayor Hershey has now married not only the Seaside Heights Borough Administrator, but also the Borough Clerk Diane Stabley in 2005.) Using microphones so everyone could hear, John and Phyllis took their vows and were pronounced man and wife in front of the large crowd of guests. Directly after the services, a six-hour reception began at the big oceanfront room at Jenkinson’s Pavilion. Guests enjoyed plenty of food, drink, music and dancing. As a special surprise to his bride, groom John had arranged for a fireworks display at 7 p.m. Guests enjoyed the display, and John and Phyllis were photographed as the fireworks were seen overhead. When the reception was over, many guests commented on what a fantastic wedding it had been, and John and Phyllis were all smiles. John and Phyllis plan on sharing their happy day with everyone. A special video was produced of the wedding, and it will soon be published on the popular website,

John and Phyllis Camera seen under sunny skies and warm breezes inside a specially-built Gazebo on the Jenkinson’s Inlet beach in Point Pleasant Beach.

The large, extended Camera family welcomes its latest addition, Phyllis.

Seaside Heights Community Day 2007…

September 30, 2007

IT TOOK A VILLAGE to create Seaside Heights Community Day 2007.

MULTIPLE TRIPS were required to the A & P.

HARRY SMITH was instrumental in planning and executing Community Day.

All these goody bags were packaged by the local Girl Scout troop led by Kathy DeVito.


VOLUNTEERS AGAIN were Station 44 members, who helped with the cook-out.

Also volunteering, Chris Vaz and dad Tony.

The day of fun was captured on video, and much of it appears on this week’s TALKY BLOG, which no reader should ever miss.

COMMUNITY DAY 2007 WAS SO SUCCESSFUL that it required a last minute trip back to the A & P to re-fill supplies.

Happy Birthday Chief Tommy Boyd..

September 30, 2007

Pete poses with Chief Tommy Boyd, also known as….


A very special birthday celebration was held September 21st to mark the birthday of the top law enforcement official in Seaside Heights. Chief Tommy Boyd celebrated with many special guests at the Seaside Heights Borough Hall on his big day. It certainly was a “who’s who” list of guests that included the Mayor, members of Council, the Borough Administrator, Clerk, Director of Public Relations and many others. Chief Boyd has been a police officer in Seaside Heights since 1984, and became Chief December 3, 2003.