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September 21, 2008

CARMEN AMATO, Berkeley Township Councilman, with Pete at a Central Regional Alumni event when Cosmo’s/Green Acres caught fire.

SPECTACULAR PHOTOS of the smoke from the Cosmo’s fire, which started at 6:15 p.m. on Friday September 19th.

ALL THAT’S LEFT of Cosmos/Green Acres.



CARMEN was not just an eyewitness to the smoke from the Cosmo’s fire in 2008, but also…

BUT ALSO TO THE HAUNTED CASTLE FIRE AT SIX FLAGS GREAT ADVENTURE IN 1984, topic of Pete’s documentary and upcoming book.

TWO tropical threats to Jersey Coast by week’s end…

September 21, 2008

THE FIRST Accu-Weather has been predicting a big Nor’Easter for days AND THE POTENTIAL TROPICAL DEVELOPMENT ALONG THE EASTERN SEABOARD TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 21ST & 22ND. If if does become a storm, the “L”-storm, “Laura” could be a factor in our weather before the “K”-storm Kyle.
PETE is not thrilled with the current predictions of computer models, bringing 93l (possibly Tropical Storm Kyle) too close for comfort this upcoming week. This graphic updates frequently and is is from, one of the many sources Pete uses while tracking hurricanes. According to this, borderline Category 1/2 hurricane could be approaching the Delemarva in 5 days time, approximately Friday September 26th. MAYBE IT WILL CHANGE!!
93L, thought to soon be named Tropical Storm Kyle, could hit the East Coast of the United States by the end of next week.
Ike was “only” a Category Two when it pummeled Texas barrier islands last week.

bolivar peninsula before and after ike pictures
Some of Ike’s devastation on a barrier island the Texas Coast.

Mrs. Herta Tully says, “90 is the new 80!”

September 21, 2008

LET’S SEE SOME ID! Mrs. Herta Tully is celebrated her 90TH BIRTHDAY September 16, 2008, and spent days party-going around Seaside Heights.

On Sunday September 14th, friends and family gathered at Hemingway’s, and Mrs. Tully gave each guest a tiny bottle of champagne.

Mrs. Tully was honored by Mayor and Council at the September 17th meeting.

Anita Zalom from Lavallette came by, reading a resolution from the Ocean County Freeholders.

The Seaside Heights Seniors had several parties for Mrs. Tully, one at the newly-sided Seaside Heights Community Center, and also….


Clownfest 2008…

September 21, 2008

CLOWFEST 2008 is seen at its high-water mark, Sunday September 13th.

VAPPO (Vince Pagliano), lead clown, is seen leading the parade.

JUST A MINUTE! These clowns better not be trying to take off with Pete’s trikey!

Pete’s student Kicks It Old School….

September 21, 2008

Gregory Halloran is Pete’s Community Action Program student for the 2008/2009 school year.

ONLY TWO-THREE MORE YEARS UNTIL IT CAN BE IN THE CAR SHOW! Greg is “Kicking it Old School” with a vintage 1986 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z, that he keeps in excellent condition, doing much of the work himself.