popartpete.com January 25, 2010 edition

PETE always says…..

life is like what you find under my dearly-departed Aunt Phyllis’ best cakeplate….

You never know what you’re gonna get!

Not on a plate….Pete’s youngest niece Lily makes sure she picks up after Jack-Buster Smith.

FEED THE BIRDS, TUPPEANCE A BAG…Pete & Lily throw crumbs under this tree every day, because the young ones are hungry, their nests are so bare.

CAN YOU GUESS who is our mystery person, channeling “Snooki” with a Bumpit???

IN THE HOUSE YO!  Pete always said, “Gym, Laundry, Tanning…” way before the Jersey Shore cast moved steps from his doors.

When people come by to check out the Shore Store, and “The Situation”, they will get to walk on new boards.

The area of Fremont-Kearney Avenues was on the rotating list to be refurbished this winter.

The Casino Pier storage building was moved from Grant Avenue to Sherman Avenue.

Work has already begun on the block concrete first floor.

GET YOUR TOWELS READY…Here’s the pool club, growing bigger and better everyday!

OBVIOUSLY A MAJOR MALFUNCTION…a road accident at Sumner &  Central Avenues toppled an entire light pole last week.

Another shot of the damage.

Pete snapped friend Aaron Deluca, on clean-up detail and on break from the U.S. Coast Guard.

NIGHTS OUT ON THE TOWN IN JANUARY saw Pete with Kindergarten BFFs Alicia (Horowitz) Marino and Shannon (Omert) Asch.

Dan Bloomquist and Chris Linnell posed for a snap, as did…

Elijah Bryant.

Accomplished artist Dawn Starmer is seen in this shot.

A COMMAND VISIT, Pete’s sister, Queen Maryanne, made a royal visit and inspection of the homeland…

Her Majesty is seen surveying the beach following the recent series of storms…

EROSION???  Seaside Heights actually GAINED beach after the storms.

We also gained all this debris, “parked” currently in Pete’s brother Harry’s lot!

Half of Lavallette’s boardwalk washed up on our beaches. (Note to Lavallette Mayor “King Wally” LaCicero if you are reading this: you can come get it!!!)

FIRST-DAUGHTER GAIL HERSHEY channeled Snooki, and…

Gail has leased this very storefront, to be known as BLACKOUT in the summer of 2010!

PETE always feels the obligation to share his tree with readers, even though its complex flashing lighting system NEVER makes for a good shot!

OUT, OUT BRIEF CANDLE…Rest In Peace Elysia Wortman (1987-2010), we love you, and will miss you forever!

Dessert in the best possible taste…

One Response to “popartpete.com January 25, 2010 edition”

  1. Eileen Carew Says:

    Thanks for the cute pics.

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