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Cool People for Week of 5/18-5/24…

May 18, 2008

, please keep Seaside Heights Police Captain Dave Szalkowski in your prayers  as he now faces a difficult recovery period.

BEAUTIFUL MOMS CELEBRATING MOTHER’S DAY are the focus of the remaining COOL PEOPLE for this week, led by Ms. Kimberley Beckwith, seen with daughter Sierra.

Kim, Sierra and friend Chad have made several recent Seaside Heights appearances, having all recently transplanted back to Ocean County after many years in Florida.

Isabella Deluca.

Sarah Cole.

Elayne Whalen with husband Steve.

Cara Cangelosi, with John Saddy.

Joyce Camera.

Arline Ottoson.

#1 SPORTS FAN MOM Joann Duszczak.

Iryna Cimorelli and husband Wayne.

Kim Samarelli, shown receiving thanks from the New Jersey Amusement Association.

Shannon Asch, with husband Scott and son Alec.

MOMS-TO-BE make our list, like Phyllis Camera, who is the most anticipated new mom in Seaside Heights, but not the most famous. That honor goes to…

, played by Kristen Alderson on One Life To Live. Starr’s teen pregnancy/runaway storyline, filmed almost entirely in Seaside Heights, is the hottest storyline on daytime television, and has brought Kristen and colleague actor Brandon Buddy (Cole) to new heights of their fame.

EATING FOR TWO, at least on the show, Kristen Alderson is a big fan of Fried Oreos from Seaside Heights. Kristen and Brandon Buddy recently appeared on The View, and Kristen is blogging online about her teen pregnancy storyline experience.

Kristen Alderson, shown here on a break from filming One Life To Live in Seaside Heights last month, has recently been honored along with ABC Daytime at the Candie’s Foundation’s Event to Prevent, focused at preventing teen pregnancy. Kristen recently said, “ABC and OLTL are not preaching to our viewers. We are putting our story out there so teens can learn from Starr and Cole’s decisions and hopefully never have to be in a situation like theirs.” CLICK HERE TO GO TO KRISTEN’S BLOG

“Lucky Leo” Whalen honored by New Jersey Amusement Association…

May 18, 2008

“Lucky Leo” Whalen was honored as the New Jersey Amusement Association’s Man of the Year on May 12, 2008.

The entire Whalen family, and the New Jersey Amusement Association family honored “Lucky Leo” Whalen, gaming industry legend since 1953

ONE OF HIS LAST AND MOST LONG-LASTING ACCOMPLISHMENTS Leo thanked part of his success to the late Seaside Heights Mayor J. Stanley Tunney, who was his first landlord, and a strong advocate and lobbyist for the creation of Legalized Games of Chance in New Jersey, Circa 1960.

“Lucky Leo” Whalen honored by New Jersey Amusement Association: Mr. “Lucky Leo” Whalen of Toms River and Florida, was recently given the highest honor possible by the New Jersey Amusement Association, its prestigious Person of the Year. Leo started in 1955 with just one stand. Working only summers at first, he had been a teacher when he began on the boardwalk, eventually leaving the field to game full time. (Mr. Whalen pointed out that Fritz Rolle, longtime active NJAA member, was once his 7th grade pupil.) Leo was introduced at the podium by son Steve, who currently operates the landmark Lucky Leo’s arcade and expansive gaming frontage at Hamilton Avenue and The Boardwalk in Seaside Heights with brother Tommy. In his acceptance speech, Leo first thanked his wife of 58 years, Barbara. Leo said that when he first opened, games of chance were not sanctioned and were illegal by the state, but the Borough issued a license for $100.00 anyway. In 1960, a bill was introduced in the New Jersey Legislature, creating the Legalized Games of Chance, a state sanctioned gaming permit. According to Leo’s story, the bill was passed by the efforts of all the concessionaires, but especially, the late Seaside Heights Mayor J. Stanley Tunney. Front that point forward, the license was $100 for the State, and $100 for the Borough. Upon finishing his speech, Leo was granted a standing ovation from the NJAA membership, which is a cross section of the industry statewide.

See rare Jersey Shore May Nor’Easter…

May 18, 2008

shows the approach of the rare May Nor’Easter that pounded the Jersey Shore on May 12, 2008.

LARGE SWELLS AND SAND DRIFTS were evident along the beach.

Some have compared this storm to the March 1984 Nor’Easter of local legend.

leveled awnings and signs all over Seaside Heights.

According to Tony Modero, our loyal reader from the National Weather Service, the highest officially recorded gust was 60 miles per hour at the Webster Avenue Lifeguard Building at 10 a.m

SHPD officers deliver baby…

May 18, 2008

SHPD Patrolmen Dan Bloomquist and Ed Pasieka, helped deliver a baby on the morning of May 14, 2008.

SHPD officers deliver baby: Seaside Heights Police Patrolmen Dan Bloomquist and Ed Pasieka have responded to maternity calls before, but something was different on a call received the morning of May 14, 2008. Rather than shipping the mother off to the hospital, the officers had to prepare to an imminent birth. When the pair arrived to a 9-1-1 call to an apartment on the 200-block of Hamilton Avenue at about 8:30 a.m., mother Ebony Baynard was reporting that her third child was ready to be born and there wasn’t any time to get to the hospital. The officers prepared the mother, seeing that the baby’s head was already visible. The officers urged Ms. Baynard to push, and the baby soon arrived. After clearing the baby boy’s airway, he began to breathe on his own. Mother and child were then readied for the hospital. Patrolmen Bloomquist and Pasieka then returned to complete their shift, repeating their story many times throughout the day.

Ribbon cutting at Havana Cafe and Restaurant…

May 18, 2008

HAVANA MEETS THE HEIGHTS! Seaside Heights Mayor Hershey, along with Councilwomen Agnes Polhemus, Joyce Camera, and Arline Ottoson and Maria Maruca of the Seaside Heights Business Improvement District help cut the ribbon at The Havan Cafe and Restaurant, featuring authentic Cuban cuisine and sandwiches. Havana Cafe owners are George Lugo, furthest to left in the front row, and Luis Linares to his immediate right.

Ribbon cut at Havana Cafe & Restaurant: Dignitaries from Seaside Heights gathered to cut the ribbon at the Havana Cafe and Restaurant, located at 18 Boulevard in Seaside Heights. The Havana is located in the former “Barney’s” building. Barney’s was a famous local breakfast spot, and operated from 1932-1990, according to landlord Michael Loundy, who recently purchased back the building, which had been in his family for decades. Havana owners George Lugo and Luis Linares are both of Cuban descent. George already owns a business in Bloomfield, called Havana Sandwiches, where Luis was his longtime customer. A Cuban sandwich consists of fresh ham, pork, pickles, swiss cheese, mustard, butter and a top secret Cuban sauce that gives the sandwich its “mojo”. Authentic Cuban flat bread is imported from Union City for George’s special recipe. Cuban sandwiches first became popular in Tampa, Florida, and later Miami. The sandwiches are available in those cities at every corner store, sort of like a Philly Cheesesteak in this area. Luis is a property owner in Seaside Heights, half owner of a 2-family home on Hamilton Avenue. Luis says he loves Seaside Heights, and wanted to bring here Cuban flavor and the associated family atmosphere. The restaurant was decorated by Esther Gatria, and its color and art are all authentic, from pre-Castro Cuba. One of the pieces of framed art on the walls of the Havana is an old 100-pound sack from a Cuban sugar refinery. Luis says that when his 85-year old father saw this item, he immediately recognized the brand name of the Compania Azucarera Central Toledo. It turns out that the elder Mr. Linares sold sugar cane from his plantation to this very company for many years back in the old country.

Luis Linares, co-owner of Havana Cafe and Restaurant, displayed this old Cuban sugar sack as framed art on the restaurant wall, only to realize later that his own father sold sugar cane to this very refinery back in the old country.