popartpete.com May 17, 2010 edition….


Can you guess why Pete looks so tired, and has such big circles under his eyes???…

Since early April, Pete has been battling the dreaded Infectious Mononucleosis, and IT’S NO JOKE!!  Pete is feeling about 90% better now, so on with the missed news….


Seaside Heights arcade owner takes helm of New Jersey Amusement Association

John Maurer, who is the owner/operator of The Game Room in Seaside Heights and Keansburg, has been elected to the Presidency of the New Jersey Amusement Association as of Monday, May 10, 2010.
At the Association’s annual Dinner Dance, which is held the first Monday of May each year, John took the helm from Douglas Woodfield, a fellow Seaside Heights game owner and operator, after his two year term.
The Dinner Dance was held at the Ram’s Head Inn, in Atlantic County.
As is customary, a member of the Association is honored for a lifetime’s achievement. This year’s honoree is Marty Shapiro, who owns Gateway 26 arcade in Wildwood. The honor is for Marty’s 58 years of experience in the field.

John Maurer of the Game Room of Seaside Heights and Keansburg, takes the podium as the President of the New Jersey Amusement Association.

New Jersey Amusement Association Executive Director Kimberle Rolle-Samarelli makes sure that all is right ahead of the annual 2010 Dinner Dance, Monday, May 10th.
Book signing for local’s work to be held Memorial Day Weekend

A book signing for Seaside Heights: A Postcard History will be as follows:
Sunday, May 30, 2010
1:00pm – 3:00pm
Magical Carousel Shoppe on the Boardwalk @ Grant Avenue

Seaside Heights: A Postcard Memory, is written by Christopher J. Vaz, a local historian and now author.
Seaside Heights’ Hugh J. School students and staff hold raffle for student with cancer

Beautiful gift baskets in varying themes have been prepared by the Hugh J. Boyd, Jr. Elementary School students and staff to benefit an Kindergarten student, Michael Smith, who is ill with a very aggressive form of cancer.
The baskets are on display in the front corridor of the school, and chances are $2.00 each. To participate, go to the school’s main office at 1200 Bay Boulevard.
The winners will be drawn June 6th.
Last month, the students and staff sold chocolate lollipops and Boyd Blue Dolphin wristbands to benefit Michael, who is in the class of Mrs. Kathleen Wright-Gottshall.
The lollipops and band fund raiser was not just limited to Boyd, but also the 18 schools of its partner district, Toms River Regional.

Themed Gift Basket fundraisers are a long tradition at the Hugh J. Boyd Jr. Elementary School, and the latest lot, to be raffled June 6th, will benefit a Kindergarten student with cancer.

This re-vamped design of a Seaside Heights Beach Control ticket booth is now in place at Hiering Avenue and the Boardwalk.

The newer design is smaller, yet more functional, as compared with previous designs.

Harry Smith, leaseholder of the Hiering Avenue Parking Lot in Seaside Heights is seen here, with the new dune/snow fence, recently installed by the Department of Public Works.
Snooki” given special place of honor at Beachcomber Bar in Seaside Heights

“Snooki’s Chair” is the location where MTV’s runaway hit, Jersey Shore, was helped launched. Who could forget the infamous reality star, punched in the face at this very location? The show is an international hit, and the highest-rated show ever on MTV.

Keith Zirpoli (of New Jersey), and Skye Langmack-Largent (of Maryland) are both fans of Jersey Shore. Keith and Skye are seen here at St. Leo University at a recent reunion. Keith, Skye, and Peter J. Smith, of popartpete.com are all alumni of the Central Florida institute of higher learning.

Cinco De Mayo celebrated in Seaside Heights

SEEN CELEBRATING CINCO DE MAYO recently at Spicy’s at 500 Boardwalk in Seaside Heights: Peter Smith, Maria Meredith, Doug Roemmele and Chris Linnell.

El Con gets facelift

The El Con condominium complex, which sits on the northeast corner of the residential section of Seaside Heights, at Hiering Avenue and Ocean Terrace, is currently going underneath a facelift. In recent weeks, the building, which houses 62 units, was powerwashed, primed, and repainted in time for the summer season.

MTV’s Jersey Shore will return to Seaside Heights in 2010

The (in)famous Jersey Shore house, located along Ocean Terrace, between Fremont and Kearney Avenues in Seaside Heights.

Despite controversy, MTV’s Jersey Shore, the highest-ever rated show in the network’s history, and a cultural phenomenon, will return to Seaside Heights in the Summer of ‘10.

Although there were initially some concerns, the Seaside Heights governing body could not legally keep the show from filming.

2010’s line-up will include a new group of self-described “Guidos” and “Guidettes”, whose every move will be followed by cameras. If they are anything like the ‘09 group, their day will consist of “G.L.T”, meaning, “Gym, Laundry and Tanning” and then hitting the various area nightclub hotspots.

‘09 Jersey Shore fans should not fret, for it is said that the original cast members including breakout star Snooki, The Situation, J-Wow, Pauly D and the rest are slated to make at least cameo appearances during the shoot.

The advent of Jersey Shore has put the area, especially Seaside Heights on the international map once again, but has made the shore community far more famous than did the MTV beach houses of 1997 and 2002.

On a recent East Coast trip, one local resident conducted a non-scientific poll, but with astounding results: 100% of those surveyed knew of Seaside Heights because of the popularity of Jersey Shore. (Interestingly, reality mom Kate Gosselin, in a popular culture poll on a television entertainment show had not heard of the show, and could not identify Snooki or The Situation.)

The show will once again be filmed at the famed house with the garage door painted with the symbol of the State of New Jersey painted in the Italian colors of red, green and white. This location has been a tourist hot-spot since the show began airing in December 2009. At any given time of day, people can be seen congregating near the building, snapping photos, or simply staring up at the location in awe.

The hope is that the tourism industry, the life’s blood of Seaside Heights, will benefit from the unprecedented publicity garnered by Jersey Shore, with a resulting and resounding, “Cha-Ching” in the local business community’s cash registers.

Seaside Heights Police Officer joins ranks of local Board of Education

Seaside Heights Police Officer Christopher Linnell is seen being issued the oath of office as an elected member of the Seaside Heights Board of Education.
‘Mother’s Day Miracle’ baby turns 1

On Mother’s Day 2009, Heidi Giles Peet of Toms River was not expecting her baby for another two months. However, she was in for a shock when she required emergency surgery that day to save the life of her and her unborn son.
Noah Peet was born on May 10, 2009, two months early, and despite the odds, he and his family celebrated his first birthday last Monday.
“Baby Noah is alert, and adorable” said friends.
Mom Heidi, a local barber for many years, recently went back to work after months of recovery.

Although born two months premature, Noah Peet, of Toms River, in the arms of dad, Tommy, celebrated his first birthday Monday May 10th.

“His development will be delayed”, said mom Heidi of Baby Noah, “but one day, he’ll catch up to the other kids his birth age.”

The NEXT PLANNED LAUNCH of the popartpete.com news vehicle will be TUESDAY JUNE 1, 2010….

2 Responses to “popartpete.com May 17, 2010 edition….”

  1. Samuel Mays Says:

    Pete,I too am a BoydSchool student of 1960’s 70’s.I ‘d seen the class photo of you next to Chris Stout . I was best man at his brother Tom Stout in Maine and I am a class mate of Jay Boyd,Steven Hersey,Jerry Lastellla,John Larson,Billy Hopkins & others etc.and I worked with Jay&Tommy & Cindy Boyd at thier Raft shack on the beach together many summers back in the day. I lived on Sampson directly back side of Hugh Boyds house on Hiering Ave. Junie Boyd was Pricipal ,Gym Teacher, & 6th Grade at the time .Mrs. Smith was 5th Grade. I don’t know if you remember me but I was a die hard surfer ,back then it was guys like Grog & Chris M.,Shawn & Sqi rl O’neil, Kevin Casey, Guy Mazanti,Ray Angola etc. I hung out with Billy Casler,Mike Gertin & Mike Loundy of Pelican Island,the Larson brothers,Mike Meekins,S. Hersey,&Tom Stout ,the Boyds & others And now I live in Califonia & Hawaii and I have lost my lost my S.S.H. Elem. Class photos 3rd thru 6th and I ‘d seen you have yours and I wondered if you knew of a web site or some other resourse to retrieve these type of photos / I ‘ve had no luck in my archive searh this far . Please If you would be so kind could point me in right direction that may be of some help?It seems to me that you have your finger on the pulse of what goes down around Seaside these days In my days there was the Ocean County Review News right across the street from Terry & Mr. Whites Sweet Shop Diner On the Blvd. Btwn. Grant & Blaine Aves I used to love getting a real fountain cherry coke & burger there waiting for the bus to go to Central Reg. High . (spit sesion then) I loved growing up in Seaside and I miss the old days. Well I thank You very much for your time and I look foward to your reply. Sincerely Samuel Mays

  2. anne Says:

    Had a great time last August hanging out on the boardwalk after many years and also getting to watch them film the original season of JERSEY SHORE. I knew there had to be some sort of secrecy revolving around the set because MTV said they did not want any press going down there and calls to Seaside Heights PR people and other marketing people in the area went unreturned. I was actually just going down to do a travel piece and not write about the show, though.

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