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Seaside Heights Fire Auxiliary plans 2008 goals….

January 20, 2008

2008 Seaside Heights Fire Auxiliary Executive Board (top left) Peter Smith, President, (top right) Anita Alliston, Vice-President, (bottom right) Kimberle Rolle-Samarelli, Secretary and Business Advisor, (bottom right) Diane Martinez, Treasurer.


Seaside Heights Fire Auxiliary plans 2008 goals: The Seaside Heights Fire Auxiliary has met to plan for 2008, which will be its first full year of operation in its current incarnation. The SHFD Auxiliary is an arm of Station 44, The Seaside Heights Volunteer Fire Department, and although it operates independently, it is under the ultimate governance of the SHFD main Executive Board and membership. The established main purposes of the Auxiliary is to play a supporting role to the firefighters when needed, chiefly by providing refreshments when needed at fires. Additionally, the Auxiliary is to raise money to sustain itself, with remainder going to benefit both the SHFD and other community causes. A re-organization and planning meeting of the SHFD Auxiliary was held Thursday January 17th. First order of business was election of the Auxiliary Executive Board: Peter Smith, President, Anita Alliston, Vice-President, Kimberle Rolle-Samarelli, Secretary and Business Advisor, Diane Martinez, Treasurer, all serving 2-year terms. In her report, Mrs. Martinez announced a balance of approximately $1,200.00 in the bank, a result of 2007 fund-raising endeavors. Now that the group has a sum of money to work with, decisions needed to be made as of what exactly should be done with it. Currently, the idea is to try to keep as much of the money as possible in the bank and to raise additional funds in 2008. This will allow for the Auxiliary to have enough funds for month-to-month operations, as well as future philanthropic endeavors, such as scholarships and donations back to the Fire Department or other worthy causes. The first fund raiser of 2008 is planned to be a bake sale at the St. Patrick’s Parade, Saturday March 15th. Other fund raising ideas were mentioned, and although not every idea could possibly be done in one year, all were good , and some will be attempted in ’08. Members were asked to spend the time between the January and February meetings creating proposals of fund raising ideas to present for consideration next time, when the yearly goals will be concretely established by the membership. An Auxiliary sub-committee was also established to create a stockpile of water, coffee and snacks for distribution at future structure fires. This group will be responsible to formulate a plan for the way things will be stored, accessed and distributed. Members of this committee include Pete Smith, Kim Samarelli, Anita Alliston, Diane Martinez, Lindsay Jones, and Sarah Cole. The next meeting of the group will be Monday February 25th at 7 p.m at Borough Hall. Any persons interested in joining the SHFD Auxiliary can find information at the Station 44 website, or can simply attend the meeting.

SHBP’s Lt. Ditchkus has other gig…

January 20, 2008

Dr. Bill Ditchkus, DDS, known as Lt. Bill Ditchkus of the Seaside Heights Beach Patrol for 40 years.

SHBP’s Lt. Ditchkus has other gig: For 40 years, Bill Ditchkus has been patrolling the beaches of Seaside Heights, working his way up the ranks to Lieutenant. But did you know that Lt. Ditchkus has another job, as Dr. Bill Ditchkus, DDS at West Dover Dental in Toms River? Dr. Ditchkus has been in practice at this location for many years, and is the dentist to many in Seaside Heights. Recently, our cameras caught up with Dr. Ditchkus at his office, which has been recently renovated with a new tile floor and a system that can elevate the disabled from the building’s first to second floor.

See Proud parents George and Millie Tompkins…

January 20, 2008

Proud parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Tompkins, are seated in the crowd watching son Rich be sworn-in to his second term as Seaside Heights Councilman.

Recently, our cameras caught up with Mr. George and Mrs. Millie Tompkins at a meeting of the Seaside Heights governing body. Although Mr. Tompkins is a former Mayor of Seaside Heights for 16 years and a well-respected and influential local citizen, this night, he was there simply as a dad. Proud parents George and Millie came to see son Rich be sworn-in to another term as Councilman. Rich was appointed a Councilman in 2003 to fill and unexpired term, and was elected to full terms in 2003 and 2007. Mr. and Mrs. Tompkins also have a daughter, Lynn, and several grandchildren, including Rich’s daughter Cara, who was in attendance at this meeting with her grandparents and mom Carmela.

Seaside Heights to re-consider parking spot leasing…

January 20, 2008

THE LEASING OF PARKING SPOTS is under re-consideration. 2009 could see changes in how the program is administered.

Seaside Heights to re-consider parking spot leasing: The leasing of parking spots is very popular in Seaside Heights, but now the program may become a victim of its own success. With many more property owners taking advantage of the opportunity to lease a parking spot that is in front of their home or business, there are that many less parking spots available for public use. This is particularly problematic around businesses and condo projects that have bought up the entire street in some cases. This has become a very controversial issue as of late. In the very beginning of 2008, a temporary moratorium was placed on the lease of new spots, although previous leases were being renewed. At the January 16th meeting of the Seaside Heights Mayor and Council, it was decided to lift the moratorium for the rest of 2008. However, the governing body warned that the entire program will be under extensive scrutiny and review during the first few months of this year, which could lead to sweeping changes in the program beginning January 2009. Representatives from the Seaside Heights Property Owner’s Association will meet with counterparts from the Seaside Heights Business Improvement District to develop ideas on how the program can be revised to suit the needs of everyone involved.

Pete’s 1-18-08 Talky Blog…

January 20, 2008



Topics include:
1. Meet Tri-Boro First Aid Squad’s new paid members.
2. Station 44 reports to big accident on Route 37.
3. Phyllis Camera’s 30th birthday.
4. See Mr. Steve Healey


February 8th (Friday) Psychic Fair sponsored by and benefiting the American Legion, Carteret & Bay Blvd. 6-10 p.m.

February 23rd (Saturday) 15th Annual New Jersey Law Enforcement Torch Run Polar Bear Plunge to benefit Special Olympics. Registration 9 a.m., Plunge Time 1 p.m.

March 15th: (Saturday) 24th annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Noon. on the Boulevard.

March 16th (Sunday) Palm Sunday Egg Hunt, 1 p.m. on the beach. Divided by age groups. Locations to be announced.

March 23rd (Sunday) Easter Promenade and Easter Outfit Contest for cash money prizes. 1 p.m. at the Franklin Avenue Pavilion stage or Beachcomber if rain.


Free Music Mondays and Free Movies on the Beach returning for Summer of 2008. We will announce our 2008 schedule in late April.

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