Seaside Heights could get WeatherBug camera…

Seaside Heights may soon be the home to a “WeatherBug” camera.

Seaside Heights could get WeatherBug camera: Computer users may be familiar with “WeatherBug”, a tiny desktop icon that displays local weather conditions. Now WeatherBug may be adding a camera right on the beachfront in Seaside Heights. WeatherBug officials recently were in contact with the Borough in regards to placing the camera at the Kearney Avenue Lifeguard Headquarters, which has been used as the backdrop for the MTV Beach House in 2002, and more recently for location shots for the popular soap opera “One Life To Live”, which aired local footage in early May. The Borough must provide an internet connection and electricity for the WeatherBug camera, which will display an online photograph of the beach every minute or so. This camera will not record weather conditions, but merely give a shot of the beach and amusements. The National Weather Service already operates a monitoring station off of the Webster Avenue Lifeguard Building, and that information is displayed on the Weather Channel’s Local on The 8’s and

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