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New Rain Garden at Hugh J. Boyd, Jr. Elementary School…

June 3, 2007


STUDENTS, TEACHERS AND BOARD MEMBERS ALIKE contributed to this new rain garden, which is among the many recent additions to the lawn at the Hugh J. Boyd Jr. Elementary School in Seaside Heights.

Much hard work has been done at the Hugh J. Boyd Jr. Elementary School recently, as a new rain garden has made its appearance alongside the newly dedicated Harry M. Smith III Early Childhood Center. The rain garden was the vision of Board of Education member Lynette Lurig, who wrote a grant for the project through the Ocean County Soil Conservation District, but the whole project began from an initial grant from Project Learning Tree/Greenworks’. Hugh J. Boyd School is a very important school environmentally, as it is the closest school in the area to the Barnegat Bay, built right up to its shores. According to the OCSCD, ” A rain garden is a specially designed landscape that absorbs rainwater using native plants that act as natural sponges. Rain gardens reduce the need for for maintenance, provide improved stormwater infiltration and enhance wildlife habitat. They also become outdoor classrooms with cross-curricular opportunities for students to participate in hands-on monitoring, observing, and nuturing of on-site projects.” Also, another group that should be thanked is the Forest Resource Education Center in Jackson Township for its help with the project.

Here is a slideshow with photos relating to the recent planting of the rain garden and other projects planted along the lawn at the Hugh J. Boyd Jr. Elementary School in Seaside Heights….

‘Survivor Stephenie’ Lagrossa hottest new bartender at the Bamboo Bar…

June 3, 2007

BEAUTIFUL AND TOUGH Survivor star Stephenie Lagrossa is seen at her new job as a bartender at the Bamboo Bar in Seaside Heights.

Readers already know that Pete’s friend Stephenie Lagrossa, whom he has known since she was a very little girl summering on Grant Avenue in Seaside Heights, has been on the CBS reality shows Survivor:Palau and Survivor:Guatemala. Readers also know that Stephenie was in the final two in Guatemala, and also that Pete was extremely aggravated when she was cheated of the top spot and the million dollars when her obviously jealous fellow contestants voted for the other girl to spite Stephenie. Now Stephenie is putting her Survivor skills to good use in Seaside Heights, as the newest and hottest bartender at the Bamboo Bar. Pete was recently seen at Stephenie’s bar, where she appeared at home among the many tropical decorations.

Here is a slideshow of Pete’s recent visit to ‘Survivor Stephenie’ Lagrossa’s bar at the Bamboo in Seaside Heights…

Pete’s Celebrity Fit Club two week update…

June 3, 2007

Pete is seen here with Gabriella Dvorszakova, incredibly tough personal trainer at Anytime Fitness.

Loyal readers know that Pete has been working out at the Anytime Fitness center in Ortley Beach in the Ortley Plaza since May 19th. Although he has worked with all of the trainers on staff, Pete trains mainly with Anytime Fitness owner Chris Capo, and incredibly beautiful and incredibly tough personal trainer Gabriela Dvorszakova. Pete is on the Rapid Weight Loss program, and his current routine includes: 5-minute treadmill warm-up, 45 minutes of weight training on the machines to intensely work all major muscles, 105 ab crunches upper and lower,120 jumping jacks, and then another 26 minutes on the treadmill at a rapid pace. (Although this already sounds like and seems like a lot, Gabriela has already increased the weights on the machines, and has increased the final treadmill time to 35 minutes in addition to teaching Pete all kinds of new, complicated exercises.) After doing this routine for ten days, Gabriela took Pete’s weight and body fat measurements. The results were: down three pounds, and down 2.5% body fat. With a goal of 35 total pounds and 10% body fat to lose, Pete is already about 1/10th on his way on the first and 1/4 of the way on the other. We will keep you posted on Pete’s progress at Anytime Fitness.

Here is a slideshow of Pete’s recent workout with tough personal trainer Gabriela Dvorszakova from Anytime Fitness in Ortley Beach. ..

This is Pete’s official “before” photo, taken on the first day at Anytime Fitness, on May 19, 2007.

Until next week (or maybe even sooner)…

June 2, 2007



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