Ocean County Freeholders now involved in Casino Pier land swap

The Board of Chosen Freeholders in Ocean County have pledged to save the sacred Dentzel and Looff Carousel in Seaside Heights, and thus expand the Casino Pier in an expanded version of the Seaside Heights and swap deal to be discussed March 22nd.

In an attempt to save more open space in the land deal between The Borough of Seaside Heights and the Storino family, owners of the Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, Ocean County officials will vow not to develop about 7 acres of land near the Winding River Park in Toms River that it acquired, it was said by Freehold John Bartlett.

           The land swap in Seaside Heights originally traded just over an acre of beach at Sherman Avenue to double the pier to include a roller coaster and a huge Ferris Wheel for a smaller lot along the Boardwalk between Carteret and Sampson Avenues. The original part of the pier went out into the ocean and was destroyed in Hurricane Sandy, thus the iconic picture of the roller coaster in ocean. In the swap, the 1910 carousel would be deeded to The Borough, to be used as a centerpiece of a future, planned museum.

     Under DEP rules, at least 4 acres of open space must be preserved. The Toms River Township area would exceed, and nearly double the requirement.

      Public discussion of the matter will occur on 3/22 at 6 p.m. at the George E. Tompkins Municipal Complex Annex, above the Firehouse, 116 Sherman Avenue, Seaside Heights.

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