Official Seaside Heights OEM Message….

OFFICIAL SEASIDE HEIGHTS OEM MESSAGE: The Seaside Heights Emergency Management team has been closely monitoring the approaching storm. The latest National Weather Service briefing out of the Mt. Holly office confirms that Seaside Heights can expect blizzard conditions through Sunday with snowfall up to 12” and moderate flooding. These conditions will no doubt impact our residents, especially those residing in historically flood prone areas on the west side of town along Bay Boulevard.

If you are elderly or have medical issues requiring special attention, please consider moving to upland areas west of the bridge until the storm passes. Although our first responders in the Police, Fire and EMS departments will be on duty, the conditions in town may cause delays or prevent them altogether from providing an immediate response.

If you elect not to voluntarily evacuate from Seaside Heights you should prepare for an extended period of immobility. Please maintain sufficient gasoline, food, medicine and potable water.

Motor vehicles must be removed from the streets whenever snow results in an accumulation of two or more inches and shall remain removed from the streets for 24 hours after the snow stops. When parking your motor vehicle in your driveway please make sure that no part of the vehicle blocks the sidewalk or curb. If your property does not have off-street parking we recommend that you move your motor vehicles to the parking lots located at Hiering Avenue & Ocean Terrace and opposite Breakwater Beach between Grant and Blaine Avenues. Any unoccupied vehicle parked in violation of these regulations may be deemed a nuisance and a menace to the safe and proper regulation of traffic, and any police officer may provide for the removal of such vehicle at the owner’s expense. – William Hibell, OEM Coordinator

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