Seaside Heights Officials Warn of Winter Storm…


As Ocean County was added as under a Winter Storm Watch for Winter Storm Jonas, a.k.a. The DC/Baltimore Blizzard or other names, Seaside Heights officials warned of the storm by its reverse 9-1-1 Emergency Management tool.

WHEN:  The storm is expected to begin late afternoon/early evening Friday January 22nd, and end sometime Saturday January 23rd.

PREPARATION:  Now is the time to get the bread and milk!  A stock of food is a good idea to have in your home, at least enough for a few days. Seaside Heights IS NOT prone to power outages with the sophisticated electric supply lines that run into the Borough. During power outages however, gas utilities and landline telephones should still work. Cell phones can be charged in vehicles. The more you depend on electric, the more effect it will have. But again, the power seldom goes out in the Borough.  Other things to think about having/getting:  Shovels, rock salt or deicer, snowblower, gloves, hat, scarf, boots, and things that will help when we dig out of whatever Mother Nature does or does not throw our way.

PARKING: All vehicles have to be removed from the street in Seaside Heights during snow events to facilitate plowing. Parking is available at the Grant Avenue lot across from Breakwater Beach, or on other private property. Cars left on the street could be ticketed or towed.

HOW MUCH SNOW?  That’s debatable, especially along the shoreline, where it is notorious for a rain event when most every other place gets snow.  In Seaside Heights, an island out in the middle of the Atlantic, the warmth of the ocean and the bay are a factor to keep temperatures sometimes above 32 degrees. So that question remains. Most weather forecasts are calling for enough cold to make it an all-snow event. Feet of snow are being forecast inland far to our south and west, but Seaside Heights was in about the 6-10 inch area at the last look, BUT THAT CAN CHANGE EITHER WAY.

WHY PETE IS AGGRAVATED: I normally go to Florida this time of year to avoid this kind of weather.

PLEASE CHECK BACK, as more information will become clear as the event gets closer and closer, only 48 hours away at the time of this writing.








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