Pete now in YEAR TWO as Anytime Fitness Spokesmodel…

BEFORE Pete is seen day one of training, May 2007.

ONE YEAR, THREE MONTHS AFTER Pete is seen in September 2008, 15 pounds of fat lighter and far more muscular and fit. Although still on a fitness journey, gone is his double chin, and rolls of flab, thanks to trainer, Dr. Chris Capo.

Pete now in YEAR TWO as Anytime Fitness Spokesmodel: Corny inspirational posters sometimes read, “Success is a Journey, not a Destination.” However, in some cases, it is very true. Such is the case with Pete, and his relationship with Anytime Fitness.
In the beginning of 2007, Anytime Fitness staff approached him with an offer to become the official spokesperson, sort of a local version of Kristie Alley or the dearly departed Anna Nicole Smith. After months of feet dragging, Pete joined in late May 2007, under the close supervision of Anytime Fitness owner, Dr. Chris Capo. Total weight loss estimates to date are approximately 30 pounds of fat, albeit some of the fat was replaced by more dense muscle, resulting in a scale weight 15 pounds lighter.

Aside from walking, Pete had not done previous exercise until joining the Anytime Fitness. Among the many things learned throughout the experience is that if you are going to be a fitness success, you have to like what you’re doing. Having been shown just about everything, Pete worked with Chris to design a pattern of exercises to work specific muscles: biceps, triceps, chest, abs, and back. All the exercises can be done on machines, or free weights. Additionally, cardiovascular aerobic exercise to burn fat was incorporated. This was done via the treadmill, which can be adjusted in both speed and incline. Chris is astonished at how adept Pete became at calculating the exact number of calories burned versus the speed the incline and heart rate levels that are displayed on the treadmill’s screen. A a normal treadmill routine for Pete burns about 500 calories in 25 minutes, but Pete can easily adjust the controls and burn over 1,000 calories in less than 45 minutes. Pete also learned he could combine his cardio with legs by bumping up the incline, discovering along the way never-before-used leg muscles.
All of this has gained Pete a fitness level unknown before, making him among the most fit people he knows. For instance, biking, which used to put Pete out of breath after a few blocks, is now done with the greatest of ease, and young people have trouble keeping up with his pace. Same is said for running, and many other activities impossible to him in the past. Learning the exercises and achieving the levels of fitness was not easy, but once there, the upkeep has proven simple. Like Fraulein Maria says in the Sound of Music, “If you know the notes to sing, you can sing most anything.”
Summer is extremely hectic, and Pete didn’t have a lot of time to spend at the gym, although he biked frequently in an attempt to counterbalance any potential fitness loss or weight gain. Now with the summer over, and Pete with plans of an October trip to Florida, complete with 8 day cruise, and then another February Florida vacation, he has decided the time is now to establish a more frequent, yet realistic fitness program to maintain fitting into cute clothes and receiving compliments on his appearance. Anytime Fitness makes it easy. Currently, Chris is offering a 3 month for $99.00 special, as well as a weekend only pass for only $99.00, good to Memorial Day 2008, perfect for week-enders to the area, or people who can only devote exercise time on the weekend.

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