In ironic paradox, ecological-minded group causes large diesel fuel spill…

VISIBLY UPSET members of the Conscious Goods Alliance are seen after their tour bus, which reads, “This bus runs on Vegetable Oil” leaked a large amount of diesel fuel on the streets of Seaside Heights, Friday August 22nd.

In ironic paradox, ecological-minded group causes large diesel fuel spill: In an ironic twist-of-fate, a tour bus on a cross-country tour promoting ecological-awareness caused a large diesel fuel leak along the streets of Seaside Heights the evening of Friday August 22nd. The group promotes sustainable living, and the tour bus floor even has a renewable bamboo floor, but it can’t go without diesel fuel, it was learned during the incident.
Station 44, The Seaside Heights Volunteer Fire Department, was dispatched to the area of Carteret Avenue and Ocean Terrace, where a large tour bus from a group known as “Conscious Goods Alliance” was badly leaking diesel fuel. Although the bus clearly reads prominently on its side, “This Bus Runs on Vegetable Oil”, this is not the entire case. According to one of the members of the group, the vegetable oil only kicks in once the diesel engine reaches a temperature of 180 degrees. The spill happened when the driver was attempting to make the switch, according to a Conscious Goods Alliance member.
The group had been making scheduled appearances in New Jersey, which began Thursday August 21st, and was supposed to end on August 26th before moving on to New York. The bus was stopping mainly at Whole Foods stores locations, one of its corporate sponsors. The group was in Red Bank on the 21st, and Madison on the 22nd, and was scheduled to be in Millburn on the 23rd. It is unknown what the group was doing in Seaside Heights.
The largest portion of the spill was directly in front of the home of P. Kenneth Hershey, Mayor of Seaside Heights, and its line of demarcation could be seen all the way to Hiering Avenue and Ocean Terrace, some three streets away from where the bus came to a stop. So large was the spill, that crews from the County of Ocean had to be called-in to spread sand and “speedi-dri” to absorb it.
According to the Conscious Goods Alliance website, ” Our goal is to build an unstoppable movement of conscious consumers that, by choosing the right products, motivates more companies to adopt a triple bottom line approach; one that values the social and ecological bottom line as well as the financial bottom line. It’s in your wallet. Every time you buy a product from a company that does the right things for people and planet, you’re sending a powerful message: continue doing right, and you will profit. Every time you buy something from a company that does the wrong things for people and planet, you send a very different message: go ahead and shortchange social responsibility for the almighty dollar, we don’t care. It’s pretty simple. You vote each day with your dollars. You send a message. You create positive change.”
The group had been blogging during each leg of the tour. The blogs cease on August 15th, the last successful part of the journey. Since June, the group had toured Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Baltimore, Washington DC, and Philadelphia before the recent unpleasantness.
It is unknown how the diesel spill in Seaside Heights will effect the remainder of this summer’s trip, which was to end in New York’s Union Square on September 9th.

A SMALL FIB??? The Conscious Goods Alliance bus does use Vegetable Oil as fuel, but only after diesel fuel heats to over 180 degrees and the fuel source switches. It was during such a switch that the Seaside Heights diesel fuel spill occurred, according to a CGA member.

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