Cole Brothers Circus this week in Seaside Heights August 6th and 7th…

The World’s Largest Circus Under The Big Top!®

In a world that seems to be turning ever faster, few family traditions have remained as intact as the annual Circus coming to town. Even today, this popular entertainment mainstay continues to offer a rich and magical immersion into the colorful and theatrical tapestry celebrating the exemplar of man.

In America, the Circus has spanned all generations throughout our young nation’s past, found its way into our everyday language, and has become forever intertwined with some of the most momentous events and greatest heroes in our history. It has, in some sense also filled a void in a nation without common heritage, providing a mythology to a population otherwise so culturally diverse.

It is indeed a national treasure, leaving each successive generation a bit richer, lending itself as a collective legacy for all our children to share.

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