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VanHise family has history in Seaside Heights…

July 27, 2008

The VanHise family has a long history in Seaside Heights. Shown here is dad Michael, mom Anne and son Steve.

VanHise family has history in Seaside Heights: The VanHise name is known in Seaside Heights. Cousins Troy and Steve VanHise are both Seaside Heights Lifeguards. Troy is a teacher at the locally attended Central Regional Middle School, and Steve is the current President of the Lifeguard Association of Seaside Heights. 27 years ago, the VanHise name was also well known as the new marriage name of Anne Carson of the Blimpie Base restaurant, which was at 119 Grant Avenue. After marriage, Anne went on to have three sons with husband Michael, the youngest being Steve.

Special Talky Blogs Coming/Upcoming Events…

July 27, 2008

We have no new Talky Blog this week, but we are planning two VERY SPECIAL versions within the next few weeks…The 1970’s Promotional Video of Seaside Heights IN FRENCH and TALKY BLOG #50.




August 6th and 7th: Cole Brothers Circus at the Sumner Avenue Bay Parking Lot. Shows 4:30 p.m.and 8 p.m.

August 16th: “HOLIDAY, CELEBRATE!” MADONNA 50TH BIRTHDAY PARTY AND FILM FESTIVAL as part of Free Movies on The Beach in Seaside Heights.

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LOOKING NIFTY AT FIFTY: To celebrate the Material Girl turning the big 5-0 this day, a birthday party with cake and refreshments beginning at 6:30 p.m. will be followed by a special triple feature of a selection of Madonna films: Desperately Seeking Susan, Evita and Swept Away. Event will include Madonna music, and a “Madonna Wannabe” look-alike contest as well. Inclement weather will move the evening’s events indoors to the Seaside Heights Community Center

Regular dates For Movies on The Beach:

Children friendly nights (Thursdays)

7/17: Muppet Movie

7/24: E.T.

7/31: Uncle Buck

8/7: Annie

8/14: Bee Movie

8/21: Harry Potter (#1)

8/28: Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (1971)

Kids over 13 night (Sundays):

7/20: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

7/27: Talledega Nights

8/3: Jaws

8/10: Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure

8/17: Grease

8/24: Apollo 13

8/31: Gone With The Wind

All movies start at dusk at the Hiering Avenue beach.

Times get progressively earlier as time progresses.
If weather or other factors affect movie nights, the
showing will be rescheduled to a different night as
soon as and if possible, with each decision on an
individual basis. Any changes will appear on our

7/28: The 5th Edition: Traditional straight-up Jazz, B-Bop and Contemporary Jazz, featuring local John Lovinfosse.
8/4: Slippery When Wet: Bon Jovi Tribute
8/11: Amethyst sings Totally Awesome 80’s
8/18: Chaz-E sings young Elvis
8/25: Two For The Road, who traditionally begin and end our series and the “Sounds of Summer”.

August 22nd & 23rd: EVP Volleyball (different from similar-sounding AVP)

September 5TH, 6TH & 7th: MARDI GRAS WEEKEND! Events at various local establishments on Friday and Saturday. Sunday features Seafood in Seaside as well as the Ocean County Vintage Auto Show.

September 12th and 13th: Clownfest weekend.

September 20th & 27th: Great American Volleyball (

October 5th: Walk to Cure Diabetes 5 a.m. to 3 p.m.

October 10-12: Italian Street Festival

October 12th: Columbus Parade


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Cool People for the week of 7/20-7/26….

July 21, 2008

No Gracias Tropical Storm Cristobal…

July 21, 2008

The satellite presentation of Tropical Storm Cristobal on the afternoon of Sunday July 20, 2008. Feeder bands from the tropical storm extended for hundreds of miles, one hitting Ocean County, as can be seen by close inspection, with tropical downpours of rain and breezy conditions.

Every weather forecast said that Sunday July 20, 2008 was going to be sunny, all day, with temperatures flirting with 90 degrees. However, Tropical Storm Cristobal had other ideas, as it spread feeder bands of rain hundreds of miles from its center off of the North Carolina coast, one straight over Ocean County at the noontime hour.
The arrival of Cristobal’s rains were a complete surprise to many. None of the meteorologists predicted that any rain would come this way, although the Weather Channel forecast did call for the slight chance of a shower. A rather large circulation brewing off of the North Carolina coast, Cristobal was sucking up tropical moisture from the warm ocean and exhausting it hundreds of miles away from the center through its outflow in the upper atmosphere. It just so happens that Ocean County was in an unlucky spot. No other area in New Jersey saw much in the way of rain from the tropical storm.
Rain fell fast and furious, quickly flooding streets in poor drainage areas. Lightning was reported to have struck the Krane Kingdom arcade at Dupont Avenue and The Boardwalk in Seaside Heights. Toms River police reported a downed live power line that halted traffic coming east over the Mathis Bridge, and limited traffic to one lane in the westbound Tunney Bridge for over two hours.
So far, the Atlantic Tropical season in 2008 has been active. Tropical Storm Arthur formed on May 31st, and struck Central America with gusty winds and rain. Hurricane Bertha made history in many ways, not only as the furthest east forming storm in the record books, but also as the second longest-lived July hurricane on record. As high as Category 4 hurricane, with winds estimated briefly at 135 miles per hour at its peak, Bertha brought hurricane-force gusts to the island of Bermuda.Bertha also brought high waves and rip currents to Ocean County for days last week, causing local beach patrols much grief until it passed. It was a race to see which system would develop first, but the tropical low off of the Carolinas was named Cristobal on July 19th, and a tropical wave in the Western Caribbean was named Tropical Storm Dolly on July 20th. Dolly is expected to cross over the Yucatan of Mexico, but then head into the open Gulf of Mexico. At the time of this writing, Dolly was expected to possibly reach hurricane strength, and possibly hit the United States along the southern Texas Gulf Coast by Thursday or Friday. Additionally, a huge tropical wave has just emerged off of the coast of Africa. Stay Tuned!

Pete’s trikey stolen, but quickly recovered…

July 21, 2008

This red, Miami Sun tricycle, which belongs to the Seaside Heights Office of Public Relations, was stolen the early morning hours of July 18th. Quick work by the SHPD resulted in its rapid return.

This red, Miami Sun tricycle, which belongs to the Seaside Heights Office of Public Relations, was stolen the early morning hours of July 18th. Quick work by the SHPD resulted in its rapid return.

The tricycle owned by the Seaside Heights Office of Public Relations was stolen on the morning of Friday July 18th, but quick police work on behalf of three Seaside Heights Police Patrolmen led to its rapid return.

An unnamed suspect has been arrested in connection with the theft. The subject was described as a “surfer” kid, in his early 20’s, with dreadlocks. The suspect had no response when asked how long he really thought he would get away with riding such an obvious item on the next block from where it had been stolen.

The tricycle,a red Miami Sun with a basket in the rear was stolen in the early morning hours of Friday July 18th, in the area of the Ocean Block of Kearney Avenue. Shortly after the report of the theft, police noticed the tricycle that they knew very well at the location of Fremont and Central Avenues.

The tricycle is a high-profile symbol of the the Office of Public Relations and its on-going promotion of exercise and conserving energy.

The tricycle is jokingly compared to the the space shuttle. It’s stated purpose it to go on “missions” to deliver “payloads” of brochures and other items to the various locations of the Office of Public Relations. In fact, the tricycle has an official name: “Columbus.” Columbus is a named after the famous explorer honored in Seaside Heights each year, and also for a section of the International Space Station that Seaside Heights Office of Public Relations Director Peter J. Smith saw be launched aboard the Shuttle Atlantis in February 2008. (A video of this launch can be viewed at

The Office of Public Relations has said of the event, “Columbus had weighed anchor to points unknown, but thanks to the efforts of Patrolmen Rezzonico, Pasieka and Eichen, it has returned to its proper port in Seaside Heights.”

Interestingly enough, on Sunday August 10th, the Office of Public Relations will be showing “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” as part of the Free Movies on the Beach series. The plot of this movie revolves around the extreme lengths character Pee Wee Herman goes to in an attempt to locate his stolen bicycle.