Sampson Avenue milled and re-paved…

Crews from Earle Asphalt are seen doing the milling work during the recent re-pavement of Sampson Avenue.

Sampson Avenue milled and re-paved: Last week, the whole of Sampson Avenue was milled and re-paved. Milling means that the old pavement is chewed up with the use of special equipment and leveled down, sort of like a when a dentist drills a tooth and prepares it for a filling. After the milling process was completed, crews from Earle Asphalt put another coat of blacktop was placed over the road, ensuring a smooth surface. Each year, a street or two in the borough is chosen to repave. This is necessary due to general wear and tear on the road from traffic, and also the various cuts in the road made when utility crews perform various repair jobs on services over the years. Although an inconvenience to the residents of the street, the work was performed quickly, and the results dramatic.

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