Welcome Julianna and Jocelynn Camera…

Julianna (left) and Jocelynn Camera can be easily told apart, as Jocelynn is the smaller of the two fraternal twins born Wednesday June 11, 2008.

Welcome Julianna and Jocelynn Camera: Certainly among the most anticipated births in Seaside Heights in 2008, the birth of Julianna and Jocelynn Camera came on Wednesday June 11th. Jocelynn was born first, and then smaller twin Julianna. Julianna and Jocelyn are definitely not identical twins, but rather fraternal, sisters born at the same time. Jocelynn and Julianna are the children of Seaside Heights Borough Administrator John Camera and wife Phyllis, who were married last year. The twins first official photograph was taken on Sunday June 15th, their first day home. Mom Phyllis is doing well following her C-section, and was seen out last week for the first time post-birth.

John and Phyllis Camera, left are seen in their first post-birth-of-twins photos with Carmine and Stephanie DeRosa of Luna Rosa Trattoria, themselves the parents of three children.

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