The Sun always shines in Seaside Heights…

12 electric suns have made their debut along the Boulevard in Seaside Heights.

The Sun always shines in Seaside Heights: 12 custom-made suns have debuted along the Boulevard of Seaside Heights for the summer of 2008. No other community in the nation has the same item, at least not yet, as they are our own tailored design. The suns were made by the artists at Display Sales of Bloomington, Minnesota, the same company that produced the popular winter snowflakes and other Boulevard decorations. These type of items have increased in numbers so much in recent years that Seaside Heights has now, by far, the largest collection of outdoor public holiday and seasonal decorations on display in Ocean County, and perhaps even the state. The suns have a total of 520 C-7 yellow lightbulbs, which had to be changed by hand by Borough employees. When the initial supply of yellow lights was exhausted, employees of the Seaside Heights Public Relations Office made up the difference by painting clear bulbs by hand with yellow acrylic paint, an old, but very effective professional Christmas decorator’s trick. The suns went on display as of Wednesday June 18th.

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