Demolition complete at Pleasure Island property…

The old Pleasure Island property is now totally demolished and graded. A parking lot, known as Smitty’s II, will operate on the land during the Summer of 2008.

Demolition complete at Pleasure Island property: Demolition is now complete at the old Pleasure Island property. The demo was began last month, and included taking down five buildings: Pleasure Island, The Seafarer Motel, The old Polhemus boutique building, and two other houses. This encompassed the entire oceanblock between Carteret and Sampson Avenues. The demolition is making way for an eventual planned condominium complex, tentatively called The Edge, that is proposed to be built on the site. Until then, the 15,000 square feet of available space will be made use of as a parking lot, operated by Mr. Harry Smith, prominent longtime local businessman, and current leaser of the large Hiering Avenue Oceanfront Parking Lot property, known as Smitty’s Lot & Hot Showers. The second, newer location will be called Smitty’s II.

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