Two extra beach days for the 2008 season…

John Martinez, who normally works at Public Works was pressed into service as a beach attendant when the Seaside Heights beach opened one week early this year due to last week’s extreme temperatures.

Two extra beach days for the 2008 season: The 2008 paid beach season will go down in history as having opened one week early. The beach had not planned to be open full time until after June 14th. But with the early June heatwave, the beach opened full time beginning the 7th, opening unexpectedly Monday June 9th and Tuesday June 10th. Because many of the actual beach staff was still in school and not available to work, Beach Control Supervisor Isabella Deluca had to throw together a skeleton crew for these days, with helpers from other Borough departments and other volunteers seen in the blue beach booths these days. Of course Wednesday and Thursday were free, as always, sponsored by Coca-Cola.

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