Cool People for Week of 5/18-5/24…

, please keep Seaside Heights Police Captain Dave Szalkowski in your prayers  as he now faces a difficult recovery period.

BEAUTIFUL MOMS CELEBRATING MOTHER’S DAY are the focus of the remaining COOL PEOPLE for this week, led by Ms. Kimberley Beckwith, seen with daughter Sierra.

Kim, Sierra and friend Chad have made several recent Seaside Heights appearances, having all recently transplanted back to Ocean County after many years in Florida.

Isabella Deluca.

Sarah Cole.

Elayne Whalen with husband Steve.

Cara Cangelosi, with John Saddy.

Joyce Camera.

Arline Ottoson.

#1 SPORTS FAN MOM Joann Duszczak.

Iryna Cimorelli and husband Wayne.

Kim Samarelli, shown receiving thanks from the New Jersey Amusement Association.

Shannon Asch, with husband Scott and son Alec.

MOMS-TO-BE make our list, like Phyllis Camera, who is the most anticipated new mom in Seaside Heights, but not the most famous. That honor goes to…

, played by Kristen Alderson on One Life To Live. Starr’s teen pregnancy/runaway storyline, filmed almost entirely in Seaside Heights, is the hottest storyline on daytime television, and has brought Kristen and colleague actor Brandon Buddy (Cole) to new heights of their fame.

EATING FOR TWO, at least on the show, Kristen Alderson is a big fan of Fried Oreos from Seaside Heights. Kristen and Brandon Buddy recently appeared on The View, and Kristen is blogging online about her teen pregnancy storyline experience.

Kristen Alderson, shown here on a break from filming One Life To Live in Seaside Heights last month, has recently been honored along with ABC Daytime at the Candie’s Foundation’s Event to Prevent, focused at preventing teen pregnancy. Kristen recently said, “ABC and OLTL are not preaching to our viewers. We are putting our story out there so teens can learn from Starr and Cole’s decisions and hopefully never have to be in a situation like theirs.” CLICK HERE TO GO TO KRISTEN’S BLOG

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