Cool People for the Week of 5/11-5/18 2008…

WE ARE HAPPY TO REPORT that Miss Danielle Stanulis (left, with sister Ashlee) WAS NOT INJURED in a serious accident last week in Toms River.

Shirley and Molly Miller are mother and grandmother to Danielle and Ashlee Stanulis, as well as Kim Samarelli.

Billy Rumbolo and James Samarelli, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Grenci, and Communion Boy Dominick Grenci.

Joe Paola, Jr. from the Ocean County Fire Marshall’s Office, at the scene of a recent structure fire in Lakewood.

SEEN AT HEMINGWAY’S: The Patterson family of Kearney Avenue, and…

Jim Smith and Kevin Stewart, and…

Mr and Mrs. Eppy Wachtler, son Chris, and…

Sharon and Richard Halihan, and…

Bill “Murph” White, Mike Loundy, and Lavallette first couple Wally & Joanne LaCicero

LADIE’S MAN Chris “Seme” Semeraro, floor man at Hemingway’s is seen with local beauty and everybody’s favorite camera girl, Maria Meredith.

24 YEARS has passed since the Haunted Castle fire at Six Flags Great Adventure, which killed 8 teenagers on May 11, 1984.

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