See enormous Seaside Heights Electric Utility circuit breakers…

This is one of five enormous circuit breakers that service Seaside Heights. Each of the five is the size of a small refrigerator.

Last week, the circuit breakers went through maintenance, resulting in a series of power outages.

See enormous Seaside Heights Electric Utility circuit breakers: Most everyone is familiar with a household electric fuse box panel. Homes are wired along different circuits that tap from the main power source. Switch one of the fuses on and power flows, shut it off and it ceases. The Borough of Seaside Heights Electrical Utility also has a “fusebox” of sorts, and it fills up an entire room at the Public Works Department. Last week, the fuses underwent maintenance, causing periodic, planned power interruptions. The Borough actually has 6 fuses: 5 active, one spare. Each of the five circuits that provides power is pulled out, and while it is being serviced, the spare is temporarily placed in its slot. Although it can be an inconvenience, the maintenance is necessary to ensure service continues smoothly, especially before the summer season.

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