See Alicia Horowitz and her recently redone Seaside Heights home…

PRACTICING FOR THE FUTURE?? Alicia Horowitz (with Miss Rhiannon Asch) recently debuted her newly re-decorated Seaside Heights pad on Sampson Avenue.

COME AND KNOCK ON OUR DOOR…Alicia invites viewers for a behind the scenes tour of her new house, behind that of her parents.

NOT MARTHA STEWART…Alicia says that cookbooks are good for decoration only.

The former tenants preferred purple rug and 1970’s-era paneling, which was not to Alicia’s liking.

Alicia spent over a year making preparations and renovations to the house.

Heidi Giles was among those who came to see Alicia’s new place.

Shannon Asch, daughter Rhiannon and son Alec Feltri, now 14, came by.

Neighbors Matt Schultz and mom Denise came by to see Alicia’s house as well.

Alicia’s cousin Stephanie, husband Mitch and family also stopped by to check out the house.

Alicia’s niece Lilli is seen posing with Heidi Giles.

PRACTICING FOR THE FUTURE??? Alicia’s boyfriend Keith Marino also poses with Miss Rhiannon Asch.

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