Sheriff Polhemus turns 80!

Ocean County Sheriff William Polhemus and wife Agnes are seen with Vinnie Craparotta, manager of Hemingway’s, where 150 guests came to celebrate the Sheriff’s 80th birthday.

Sheriff Polhemus, now 80, and wife Agnes are shown with members of their family, including the amazing four generations of family members with the name William Polhemus: father, son, grandson, and now great-grandson.

Sheriff Polhemus turns 80!: Ocean County Sheriff William Polhemus has reached his 80th birthday. To celebrate the milestone event, a party with about 150 guests was held at Hemingway’s Cafe. Although a Nor’Easter was blowing hard on the evening of April 6th, guests came from as far as Florida to celebrate the Sheriff’s birthday. Friends and family gathered around the law enforcement legend, who retired as the Chief of the Seaside Heights Police Department, only to be elected to the position of Sheriff many times since 1985. The Sheriff is very popular, and is often one of the largest vote-getters in Ocean County. Aside from a long professional legacy, The Sheriff and wife Agnes have a long personal legacy as parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents. The Sheriff is proud of the fact that with the recent birth of a great-grandson, there are now four generations with the name William Polhemus.

CLICK TO ENLARGE THE INDIVIDUAL PHOTOS BELOW, a gallery from Sheriff Polhemus’ 80th birthday bash!

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