Promotions at Seaside Heights Municipal Court…

Seaside Heights Municipal Court Administrator Jane Carrozza(center) is seen with her newly-appointed pair of Deputy Court Administrators: Patti Genander(left) and Jackie Wohlleben.

Promotions at Seaside Heights Municipal Court: Congratulations are in order for two recently promoted employees of the Borough of Seaside Heights. Patti Genander and Jackie Wohlleben have both been named to the position of Deputy Court Administrator. Having two deputies is something the Borough has considered for some time, and is actually a suggestion of the Administrative Office of the Courts, given the high volume of business transacted at the SHMC. Patti is known by some by her pre-marriage last name, Arnold, as she is daughter of Bob and Bettsey Arnold, both retired Borough of Seaside Heights employees. Patti had recently been working as an Administrative Clerk at the Police Department, but has ten-plus years experience in the SHMC. Jackie has worked in the SHMC for four years, earning the respect of many, including that of Court Administrator Jane Carrozza, who spoke highly of both appointees.

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