Past meets Present at Seaside Heights Municipal Clerk’s Office…

Bettsey Arnold(left) and Diane Stabley, the past and present Municipal Clerks of Seaside Heights.

Past meets Present at Seaside Heights Municipal Clerk’s Office: Past met present last week at the Seaside Heights Municipal Clerk’s Office. Mrs. Bettsey Arnold, who retired at the end of 2003, made her first post-retirement appearance at a meeting inside the Seaside Heights Borough Hall. Bettsey’s appearance was due to the promotion of her daughter, Patti Genander, to the position of Deputy Court Administrator. Bettsey was greeted by Diane Stabley, who eventually became Seaside Heights’ next Registered Municipal Clerk, after taking a series of courses and passing a challenging test. Bettsey was glad to hear that the Clerk’s Office and The Office of Public Relations are currently working together to scan and convert to computer files all of the official Borough minutes that have been carefully maintained by the various Borough Clerks over the years. These minutes date back to January 29, 1913, the date of the very first meeting of the Seaside Heights Mayor & Council as an independent municipality. It is hoped that once the documents are scanned, they can be shared online. This and other projects are currently underway in preparation for the 100th year anniversary of the Borough of Seaside Heights, less than five years away, in 2013.

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