Fire Auxiliary pressed into service…

to assist at a structure fire.
Some of the members of the Seaside Heights Fire Auxiliary: Cookie Haring, Joann Duszczak, Samantha Samarelli, Kim Samarelli, new member Maureen, Anita Alliston and Diane Martinez at the March 31st meeting, interupted by the group’s primary function: to assist at a structure fire.

Fire Auxiliary pressed into service: At 7 p.m. on Monday March 31st, the Seaside Heights Fire Auxiliary held its monthly meeting. As always, after the general business was discussed, all the members were reminded of the group’s primary reason for being: to assist the firefighters at the scene a fire. With the organization only starting its second year in its current incarnation, all members are enthusiastic, but many lack experience at a structure fire scene. During this end portion of the meeting, plans were being discussed as to what exactly should be done if the “big one” happens. Just as that was said, the fire whistles could be heard, and Station 44 was dispatched to a structure fire in Ortley Beach. This was the first time this group ever was pressed into action. Thankfully, it was a small home, and a fire of short duration. The Auxiliary offered bottled water to every emergency responder they saw, and no one went thirsty. The experience gave the group its first taste of the real thing. It provided valuable experience for all involved and provided opportunities and lessons to improve and expand service in the future.

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