See “Nick’s Clam Bar”…

Nick(left with Jack-Buster Smith) and father Bob Dionisio are seen preparing to open a new boardwalk business.

See “Nick’s Clam Bar”: Born with the name Nicholas Dionisio, it is hard to avoid a career owning a clam bar along the boardwalk. Nick Dionisio has now opened Park Seafood at Stockton Avenue along the boardwalk in Seaside Park. Nick’s grandfather, also named Nick, owned the landmark Nick’s Clam Bar at Sherman Avenue and The Boardwalk in Seaside Heights for decades. Although Nick’s Clam Bar was a choice for the name, young Nick decided to call the business Park Seafood. Proud parents Bob and Marsha Dionisio have been by Nick’s side during the months of planning it took to refurbish the location, which is right outside of the boardwalk facing doors of the landmark Sawmill. Nick opened the location Thursday March 27th.

The location of Nick Dionisio’s new Park Seafood, Stockton Avenue & Boardwalk in Seaside Park.

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