Thanks Gail Hershey…

Seaside Heights “First Daughter” Gail Hershey is seen with daughter Madison. Gail assumed the role of camera woman, documenting the St. Patrick’s Day Parade as she rode along with her father, Seaside Heights Mayor Ken Hershey.

See Gail and Madison: Special thanks are in order to Seaside Heights “First Daughter” Gail Hershey. Gail and daughter Madison accompanied their father and grandfather, Seaside Heights Mayor Ken Hershey as he was escorted through the crowd during the St. Patrick’s Parade. Gail did not just simply ride-along waving during the parade. Taking an active role, Gail agreed to film with the video camera belonging the Office of Public Relations, filming part of what would become the Borough’s official documentation of this year’s parade. This was not easy, and even required Gail to hang out the sunroof of the T & T Coast Yukon Denali on occassion. Gail did a great job, and the film can be seen in the March 22nd Video Blog that is published on the Borough’s website:

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