‘One Life to Live’ in Seaside Heights Update…

‘One Life to Live’ in Seaside Heights Update: Overwhelming interest has been shown by the Ocean County public since it has been announced that the popular ABC television soap opera One Life To Live will be filming in Seaside Heights early this spring. Although no firm date has been set, mid-April appears the mostly likely filming time currently. OLTL brass were in Seaside Heights last week surveying sites and formalizing plans at places like Casino Pier, Lucky’s Arcade, The Kearney Avenue Oceanfront Lifeguard Headquarters, and the Kearney Avenue Bay Dock. Among those in Seaside Heights this past week was Frank Valentini, OLTL‘s Executive Producer. Frank Valentini is the top person at OLTL, showing how serious the Seaside Heights locations are being taken by the daytime drama. Although OLTL personnel were purposely vague when it came to discussing plot line, a few details have emerged relating to the storyline set in Seaside Heights: Speculation is that the scenes will most likely feature popular teenage characters and hot on-screen couple Starr Manning and Cole Thornhart, played by actors Kristen Alderson and Brandon Buddy. Loyal viewers of the show see a current plot of OLTL where extreme tension exists between Starr and her father, Todd Manning, who appears to be attempting to separate Starr and Cole. This leads to speculation that the couple might be running away together to a seashore love nest. Keep watching!

The Seaside Heights Office of Public Relations asks those interested to check its website (www.seasideheightspublicrelations.com) for updates. In a March 20th statement they said, “It is expected that the ABC soap opera One Life To Live will be filming in Seaside Heights sometime in mid-April, but no firm date has been set. Film crews are notorious for changing dates and times, depending on weather factors, etc. It is also unclear if extras will be needed for the shoot. Nothing has been set-up as far as that sort of thing, so we have NO INFORMATION currently. However, we will be posting information on our site if and when we get it.”

OFFICIAL ONE LIFE TO LIVE PHOTOS! Although she is just short of her 17th birthday, Kristen Alderson has been a veteran of One Life to Live for ten years, originating the character of Starr Manning in 1998. Starr is one of the characters believed to be part of the One Life To Live on location shoot scheduled for April 2008.

Brandon Buddy plays Cole Thornhart, Starr Manning’s boyfriend, another character speculated to be involved in the on-location shoot in Seaside Heights this April.

THE BIG GUY One Life To Live Executive Producer Frank Valentini is seen on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights Tuesday March 18, 2008.

One Life To Live senior staff evaluate shooting locales in Seaside Heights March 18th.

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