Seaside-area Senior Citizens see Seussical at Central Regional…

Central Regional students (above) are seen welcoming local senior citizens to the Bayville campus. Seaside-area Senior Citizens, in a group led by Isabella Deluca (bottom right), had a wonderful time enjoying a dinner and a showing of ‘Seussical’ at Central Regional, Wednesday March 5th.

Seaside-area Senior Citizens see Seussical at Central Regional: Seaside Heights and Seaside Park seniors had nothing but praise for Central Regional students and staff following the March 5th dinner and a show. The two communities have a joint senior citizen club, and look forward every year to the event at the CR district, which educates both towns 7th-12th grade students. The group is led by Isabella Deluca, who helped organize the trip with the assistance of staff from the Seaside Heights Office of Public Relations and Department of Public Works. For the last four years CR has been putting on a spaghetti dinner for district senior citizens followed by a preview of the school’s performing arts production, which this year is ‘Seussical’. Isabella says she particularly wants to thank barrier island CR School Board members Fran Little, who represents Seaside Heights, and Gail Coleman, who represents Seaside Park, as both women made sure the seniors were allotted tickets to the event this year. Isabella also commented on the delicious food served during the dinner, especially the salads, which were all donated by Gail Coleman and her 3C’s Restaurant in Seaside Park.

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